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Name: Dark_Self
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Interested in understanding astral realms and would love to meet myself on the other side. I am fascinated in understanding how creating imagery in an astral realm eventually builds energy upon itself, growing and vibrating strings, eventually taking form and bridges a path to cross over into our physical world and vice versa. I believe this is the true path to Magik.

Goddess: Alyssa

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Alyssa reaches for her lovers hand. She is slowly bleeding out, the agonizing death of evisceration. She can hardly see the pain, but somehow fingers. For the Goddess Alyssa says. For our people. Ullas finger begin to slack. No, Ulla says. For you.

Ulla dies first, her hand still in Alyssas.

Its withered hands pulling a body into so man pieces that none of them are recognizable anymore. Its a soulless, unstoppable thing. Deformed and dark. A thing that robs but does not live

The final push, and then it comes. The child born in blood.

To people can mingle

Their tears, their sweat,

The waters of their passion,

But bodies are always separated.

The blood of Alyssa

Mingled with the blood of Ulla,

But they died alone

As all

Great lovers


-Cite Women of War, by Jeff Conner