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I've always been into different lives so that led them knowing the spirits are all around gives me a piece of mind that I can call on them anytime when I was young people were scared I did things that I didn't understand as well but as I got older I learn what kind of spirits that's well inside me so my control and I can't but I think I've been doing pretty good so far living the life knowing the realm is around to protect and guide if you ask the right questions now and things that I've been through trances seen the spirit guiding me through filling them there holding my hand back whenever I wanted to do things to my siblings my mom did not understand me nor did my brothers or sisters about my granny did she knew what was going on and explained it to me that I had a special gift and not to take advantage of it and to be careful of how I use it I love her for teaching me all the things that I needed to be taught she's in the spirit way round now I talk to her all the time and one day we'll meet into the wind