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Name: geminiaura
Birthday: May 30 1995
Location: USA
Gender: Female
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Please only message me if you want to discuss tips for spells and casting, or magic in general. All other inquiries will be ignored.
I only practice White Magic.
I have been practicing for less than a year, but almost all of my castings have been successful. I have just started spell writing. I come from a line of witches, but they do not know they are witches- somewhere along the line they stopped practicing. My mother has been told that she is a very powerful white witch, our roots trace to Italy. My Great Grandmother was a powerful witch in Italy who removed curses in the 1900s.
If you know anything about witchcraft in Italy or the Italian ancestry please message me, I am quite intrigued to learn.
Also, I am currently looking for a healing spell & a weight loss spell.
Blessed be.