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Name: April41
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I am a mother of 3 with 1 grand-baby, whom i love very much. I grew up in Illinois, spent 10yrs in South Dakota, and living in Kentucky. I am currently separated(2yrs) with a teenage son at home. I am very shy, quiet, don't talk much. If you like to ask me any questions, feel free to ask away. I'm an open book. I use to practice witchcraft in my 20's. My mom use to say that my grandmother was a witch, but i think he was saying that cause my grandmother was very strict. i would like to learn as much as i can. I do see people's Aura's. I don't remember when I started seeing the Aura's. I use to think my eyes were going bad, but my gma told me was people's aura's.. I would tell my friends what color they had, it freaked them out, so i quit telling people. I'm sure all people can see that. in my 30's i was into numerology, but things came up and had to quit something i put all of my heart, soul, and energy in.