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Hi. I am 14, and I have always had an innate sense and awareness of the supernatural. I have visions...only I don't know how to control them, or what they mean. I guess I'm just looking for some guidence. 13 facts about me: 1. I like Taylor Swift. 2. I am an actress. 3. I love music. 4. I am not always successful when it comes to love. 5. I am popular, but I don't know why. Even people that don't like me...like me. 6. I have been on medicine that blocks my "hallucinations" only they're not hallucinations. They're visions. 7. My favorite color is Tiffany blue. 8. I have an over-excessive sense of compassion. 9. I love everything. I even feel bad for material objects that break. 10. I have a strange obsession with mermaids. 11. I like Mac & Cheese. 12. I've never broken a bone. 13. I don't get knocked out by anesthesia, locking my knees, or dehydration. It's like I'm immune.