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Name: RavenKitty.7
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My name is None Of Your Buisiness. I am an animal lover, plain and simple. I'm a bit sadistic, and like sharp things.
I'm 13, and have a few friends on here. I believe in all spells, I believe that with enough belief, and hard work, that any spell, can work, as long as it's real. And I know, I know, there's ton of fake spells out there, that's why I prefer to make my own.
Ravens, and cats, are my favorite animals, I'm obsessed with wings, and nekos(if you couldn't tell by my profile picture)
I am currently studying astral projection, herbs, reading auras, empathy, and my psychic abilities.
More personal stuff - Emo. Lesbian. I love anime, criminal minds, books in general, fan fictions, my friends, and magick