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Name: MadelineCB
Birthday: Nov 24 2000
Location: Colorado
Gender: Female
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************ Read this first, thank you*************

If you message me " hi " or "how are you" or flirt at all I will not reply.

If you want to message me then have a reason. It's incredibly annoying and I'd like to clarify that I am only here to learn.


I'm Madeline and I'm 16 years old.

Eclectic witch

Sun Sign: Sagittarius | Moon Sign: Scorpio | Ascendant: Gemini

I'm an indigo child.

I'm still new and learning so I may not know the answers to the questions you might have but I will do my best to answer them.? If you have any book recommendations then please contact me!

Currently practicing:

-Herbal Magic

-Candle Magic

-Crystal Magic

-Healing Magic

-Fire Magic

- Electrokinesis

I have a gift of communicating with and seeing the dead.. I also have a very powerful gift where I can take away pain from m body ( I haven't tried it on others).

Instagram: svyurin

Searching for my sisters