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Name: malkavia71
Location: where I am led
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sun, 31 Aug 2008
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I come from a unique bloodline originating in the southern states and seemingly stronger in the females and grows stronger with each generation.I have tried to research known theories of the "natural witch" only to find there is no such being,or at least it's not a theory well published.Wherever our power came from has been lost through history but still continues to grow within the bloodline,even to the males.The gift of sight,premonition is one of our stronger uses,empathic abilities, telepathy and even telikenisis have been used but having little to no knowledge of our family power makes it difficult to research,my mother felt hiding it from us would make it stop,it only made it stronger,the theory of the innocence of a child seeing things before they are taught they do not exist and coming from high society white powers of the early southern states,families didn't discuss such matters as to be labeled outcast.We seem to be naturally drawn to positive energies,we have no desire to harm others by nature so I can only assume our abilities are not rooted in evil,at least for my mother,siblings,self and children and we have been a group of vagabonds by choice,rejecting the harsh realities of our ancestral past and never finding an inner peace to call one place home.Let me make it clear that although we possess certain traits they are not always controllable,our forsight seems to be our most powerful and accurate power but having had other things happen to us such as astral projection,time travel,dream jumping,telepathy with each other or those closest to us,projection,telikenisis,dream walking,channeling,sight and communication with spirits and a few sorted other weird things we are grounded in a Christian faith that has always made us question the use of these abilities but since we never set out to learn them,they were given to us,it had to be for a reason and for us that reason is to stop evil in any form.None of us have complete control of our abilities but I do believe our children will be far more powerful than we and we must learn to teach them control before these gifts become curses.After the sudden death of my mother at age 48 I began researching our history learning all the awful details of my legacy and some of the more disturbing things I found was my mother's death certificate did not match her birth certificate and at some point in our very young years she changed mine and my brother's names with no explanation on paper and it was a secret she took to the grave,early death also seems to be building in my bloodline,my aunt died at 42,my mother at 48,I was diagnosed with COPD and given 5-10 years to live and now both my brothers,ages 35 and 39 are facing death for random and unseemingly reasons.My mother was a late in life child as was my aunt and the five brothers that preceeded them seem to be normal for all accounts,but my grandfather was native american and the thought had been passed that because of the society he was living in he passed himself off as a white man and caused a curse to fall upon his bloodline.I have been unable to find authentic documentation of his indianship,all papers seem to have been altered to protray himself as a white man.Short of a native american curse I am at a lose as to where my power comes from,the ideals we share with native americans would make more sense than anything I've researched,our ability to communicate with nature I believe is a highly regarded native american trait,but whatever our powers are or what they are meant for will no doubt play out in the pages of my future generations.