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Name: Shuddereye
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•I'm a white witch. Though I am young, I have been studying the craft since I was 11. There is a lot I don't know, and I have a lot to learn. However, when I design spells, I put a lot of thought and study behind it.
•I consider myself Neopagan, because I believe that I, as a human, do not have the right to choose which Gods are real and which aren't. Simply because I do not, and will not ever know in this life, and neither does any other human on earth.
•I can read Nordic runes, however, I am not talented in reading Tarot cards. I'm just beginning to get into Palm reading, though I'm not too good at that yet either.
•My preferred God is Apollo, and my preferred Goddess is Hecate. Though they are definitely not the only ones a worship.