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I've been studying for almost eight years I believe in finding your own path and being free and not having to conform to others. _________________________________ My studies/practices include (things I am educated on): -Projection Methods -Altered States of Consciousness -Channeling and Mediumship -Nature Magick -Herbalism -Animal Totems/Guides -Deities and honoring/working with them -Meditation -Healing -Left Handed magick -Stones and Crystals -Ritual Work and Old Magick -Spell Creating -Demonology -Hedge Witchcraft -Runes ______________________________ Outside of SoM I'm a full time student. When I'm not reading or studying or practicing on my own, I am doing something involving art, Or working with animals. I am Romani.I do not believe in good and evil, or "black" and "white" I try to be on weekly, and I try to answer all of my mail if I don't get to yours send me another I may have just forgot to reply. I might be solitary but I do enjoy conversations with others.