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My preferred method of reading is without the use of tools. I do enjoy using Angel Oracle Cards, as the artwork on them are positive and inspiring, while at the same time they provide a connection between myself and the Angels. There are many different types of Angel Cards, which make them fun to use also. I love using these decks because they provide loving, encouraging, uplifting messages from our Angels that help us in our daily lives. When I receive messages from the Angels, they are usually in the form "seeing" in my mind. Sometimes I will see a word or name or place. Sometimes I will feel a certain emotion. Mostly I just "know" how a person is feeling or what they are going through. During a reading, I will ask person to have a specific question or thought in mind, but not to tell me what it is. The less information I have about the person the better. If I ask questions of them, a yes or no is great, unless I ask for more, just to make sure that I am connecting with the person. If I am using cards, I shuffle the cards, and the person tells me when to stop. The Angels tell me how many cards to pull. Each card has a specific message relating to the situation of the person's life and/or concerns. I am an empath, which means I can feel what others are feeling, although this is one of my least utilized gifts. My gifts also include remote viewing, astral travel, mediumship, healing, and energy work. Remote viewing allows me to ensure that I have a strong connection with the person I am reading, although it is not always needed in order to provide a reading. Through astral travel, I am able allow my spirit to travel to the location of the person I am reading and/or healing; they can usually feel my presence or see me in spirit form. Through mediumship, I am able to relay messages from loved ones who have passed over. I also do remote healing and clear negative energies. Also, if someone has the ability to see spirits, I can assist with spirit contact. This occurs when the spirit does not want to deliver a message through me, but wants to deliver it themselves. Depending on a person's spiritual development, a person receiving this type of reading will either see the spirit very clearly or see a spirit form and the message will be in the form of strong emotions letting their loved ones know that they are loved and not alone. I deliver messages, I don't answer questions. These two things are very different. I am concerned only with delivering the messages you need to hear at this time, not the responses that you want to hear. I am not into any type of fantasy or roleplay, so if you are a werewolf, wererabbit, weretiger, or any other magical creature, looking for an owner, etc., look elsewhere. I am also not looking for any type of relationship, so if you're looking for a date, you can look elsewhere also. I am currently looking into manifesting in the physical realm, so am hoping to learn more about that here on this site. "Seek knowledge, find truth, discover potential, be grateful." I do not give relationship readings. ************************