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Hello, im practicing :grounding :mediation(pretty good) :psi ball(getting there) :hypnosis(I understand a lot about it) :visualization(working on this) :Magic will(law of attraction) What I want to learn -Astral projection -Scrying -Crystal magic -Herb Magic -Reiki healing -Chakra Divination is what I know mostly. I use my pendulum most. Don't flirt or ask me stupid stuff. If your new to magic and need some advice i'll be happy to help you to the best of my knowledge or consult my books. Bored? ask yourself this first, can you have a nice conversation without asking me to cast spells for you or change you into to something I can't? if not then don't message me...but if you need advice or want to just chat like FRIENDS then that's highly encouraged. Good fortune upon the deserving. I believe all gods and goddess exist iv'e been a demigod in a couple of lifetimes with very interesting lives. I work with the following Loki, Aphrodite, Lucera and Oradessi is my subconscious or I call her the Star because of how she originated. __________________________________________________________________ My Theory Of How Magic works I believe our souls created our flesh vessels so that they could experience the wonderful feeling of life. Kind of like the matrix but with our own Subconscious instead of robots this is both scientific and magical. Our subconscious is the universe we are connected to space and organic matter...plants I believe we evolved from plants(I know it sounds crazy). Primates are really smart and they are a lot like us but so are many other animals but plants are more connected to magic than any other thing in our existence, why else are they used so much in magic and did you know they communicate with other plants plus they can attract bugs or any animal to aid them. but anyway our subconscious is everything and the more we take it serious and practice attuning with the energy vibrations of the universe power will be so immense you couldn't even abuse it. Also I believe that dark matter is associated with people being able to see the future. In the future I don't know exactly when we will evolve to our full potential and the world we know now will be over for our souls and flesh will truly fuse together. I also believe gods and goddess are people or beings who have transcended the first time soul and flesh fused together. It's all the power of the mind.