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Name: Suit
Location: Long Island
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Mon, 31 Aug 2015
Membership: Member

Personal Bio
Hey all, I am 21 years old, I am currently a pilot and am a full time college student. I enjoy writing, partying, long boarding, hiking and off-roading. In every aspect of my life, I enjoy feeding my appetite for knowledge, and though it is rarely sated for long, I believe we never stop being students. The hunger to know will always exist, but always be wary about what is being consumed. This innate curiosity has led me to have recently began a part time study based on the occult. Magic, energies, philosophy, religion, science; basically any way these subject matters coincide or contradict each other. While raised Catholic, I have an open mind about religion and spirituality. "the philosopher open to the challenge of theology or the theologian open to the challenge of philosophy." -Leo Strauss I believe that our actions on this plane will affect our souls in ways only we can fix. By doing right by others and (in the long run) yourself, I believe you make a future for yourself in which there are little regrets; a sort of heaven. On the opposite side of the coin, I also believe morals of less amiable nature will paint a vision of your own personal hell as well. God is a state of being attainable through moral upkeep and forgiveness. We have free reign over how we act towards each other, but at the end of the day, will we be able to sit well with how we have chosen to be? That being said I have a tough time swallowing the credibility of the 'shortcuts' magic and occult ideals have to offer. Not in the 'nonbelieving' sense, but in the manner that it wouldn't bode well with forces unperceivable lurking just outside our grasp of reality knowing that we KNOW. Why would these seemingly beneficial abilities and schools of thought be available to the masses? Are we trustworthy to keep the knowledge pure and alive? Are we not already armed to face the world as we know it? How deep does our understanding for the outside world go? Can we transcend perception and see the world around us differently? This is what intrigues me. While I doubt I myself will be attempting magicks of any sort any time soon, I am thoroughly fascinated with the interplay between philosophy, science, history and religion. They all seem to fit their own respective piece to a larger puzzle together, while simultaneously undermining the other. Is there more going on? If so, does it even affect us? How can we protect ourselves? Are we in over our heads? Esoteric teachings passed down alongside humanity suggest global human knowledge has been to its heights in recent and even distant history. Are we the declining chapter of a tome lost in time? Is this knowledge too great for our purposes? Life is full of questions. Answers bring even more. The most we can do is strive for perfection, while knowing and accepting that we lack the ability to do so. In this is the human struggle. We want more than anything to know for the obvious advantages it brings, but is this drive apt to destroy us in the process? Have other people figured this 'enlightenment' out? Is it only through questioning and learning can we rise above the level we were placed at? In doing so, does this render us ineligible to claim any sort of solace in this fact? Does the all too human quest for knowledge end in renouncing our humanity? How close can we get? THIS is why I'm here.