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the name is Miranda. I was Miranda_313 but I got gagged. NO SEX CHAT OR I WILL BLOCK!!! I do all kinds of magic. I am bisexual, but I like girls more. I am sort of a gothic hippie, meaning I like the style, music, etc of both cultures. I am a 23 year old eclectic witch and vampire. I am a little shy at first, when you talk to me. uhm... a few facts about me: I have PTSD and am trying to recover i have trust issues i love horror movies I have insomnia I hate people who lie i collect first editions i have lots of Prada stuff. haha my favorite holiday is Yule i love the color purlple, pink, and blue i love the nighttime i have a precious westie that i love I like to meditate I love yoga I have a record player and i am a bit of a nerd ^.^ anything else? just ask here is the poem I wrote for my other dog, who we recently had to put to sleep due to cancer: MIRPHY- A TRIBUTE ----------------- I remember the first time I held you. You were sleeping very tight. When you opened your eyes, you opened mine To a whole new kind of light. I remember I gasped when I petted you. I smiled as I stroked your floppy ears. They're two of the things I've loved most about you Even after thirteen years. I remember we played in the grass a lot. I remember chasing you down the street. I remember your beautiful lashes And the way you looked up at me when wanting a treat. I remember all those Christmas mornings, Picking your way through paper and bows. Why has this time passed oh so quickly? Heaven only knows. I remember your silky auburn fur, The white diamond patch between your soft, brown eyes: Chocolate windows to your precious soul, The part of you that never dies. I love you deeply. I always have, And I know I didn't always show it, But you brought to my life something very special. I love you a lot and I hope you know it. I'm going to miss you wagging your tail Whenever I walk through the door. And it's gonna take time to get used to it, Not seeing you sprawled on the hardwood floor. I had so much fun with you teaching you things, Those memories worth more than platinum rings. Roll over, lay down, shake, sit. It's hard to believe the time is up. This simply can't be it. But from now, your final hours, To when all the tears have since been shed, To that glorious moment you're born again, Just know I love you, little red. R.I.P Mirphy