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Zylfyr's Profile

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Name: Zylfyr
Location: Chicago
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Sat, 24 Oct 2015
Membership: Member

Personal Bio
Hello again, SOM. It has been... 9 or 10 months since the last time I visited this site, but I've gotten bored, so here I am once more. I refuse to give out any of my old names, but, looking around, I think this is an entirely new crowd of people, and then the same old Mods that have been here since I started visiting in 2011. Anyways, my name's Zylfyr (Pronounced exactly how you read it (and to the mods, no, it isn't a fluffy "I'm a DEMON!" thing, it's an entirely made up name for D&D, which, I know how to separate from reality)). I'm 16, I live in a tiny town outside Chicago, I've been on/off practicing Magick for the past 8 years. My specialties are Runes and tarot cards (will do readings with either, just for the asking), but I have a VAST theoretical knowledge, and can answer most questions. Recently, I moved to an even smaller town, and lost a LOT of my old BOS, which is the main reason I'm back here, to try and find some of my old stuff again. (If you guys happen to find a REALLY old post on Gypsy Tarot, which I think was deleted at some point in my absence, please, let me know.) Oh, and I'm homeschooled, so I'm extremely active. Send me a message, you should get a reply in about 1-2 hours. OOOH! This is totally random, but, if there is a drive-in theater within 30 miles of you.... GO TO IT! I can not stress that enough. Those wonderful creations are underrated and dying out. Go support them. ... Blech. Never could finish this profile thing. Umm... I'm obsessed with my Rubik's Cube? I dunno. Insert ending here. Wait, now I have an ending. Recently, I cleaned up my Google Drive, and I found this. I'd almost forgotten all about it, and I guess I'll put it up. I enjoyed writing it. Burn Blah. It?d been a long day. I was walking home from work, passing by all the random trash in the street, and specifically not listening to my sister and mate talking incessantly about nothing at all. Something about cheese, I think. That?s when I noticed the sun was still high. Usually it would?ve set by now. That was... Worrying. The sun should always set at the same time. I started running, panicking. I don?t know why. My sister was screaming behind me, telling me to slow down. I think I squeaked something about the sun. It?s a bit of a blur. It was extremely stupid to just run like that. It?s probably what got their attention. That?d be the moment the sun went out. Just blinked out. Like it?d never been there. The afterglow was there. Burning into everyone?s eyes. I could hear my sister shrieking behind me. Was it good or bad that this sixth sense had warned me? Warning or curse? Instead of running back to her, I ran farther away. Hoping that if one of us was going to die, it?d be me over her. One of us would definitely die. Somewhere in the town. This was what always happened. That?s when the sky broke open. Light poured back into the town, as an enormous, pure white hand reached down from the heavens. Aimed right at me. Immediately, I stopped running and began screaming even louder, knowing this was the end. The hand grabbed me, roughly, angrily. Like I had done something wrong. It picked me up, by the middle, and pulled me up into the sky. I screamed and thrashed, kicking out and pinwheeling my arms and legs. My sister was shrieking below me, her pitch going higher and higher with me. I thrashed harder and harder, as it pulled me up past the sky, and into it?s mothership, or whatever it is. That space that existed above the sky. Maybe it?s heaven? I doubt it. An angel would be gentler. I bit the hand, as many times as I could. Seeing that it was connected to some ginormous being. Many hundreds of feet tall, and in a room, proportionate to it, and just as all white. Perhaps it was heaven. But, no, I wasn?t ready to go. I didn?t want to go. I thrashed harder, biting harder, scratching with my nails. I saw another hand, attached to the same being, this time with a needle. Bigger than I was. I watched the needle move towards me. Total deer in the headlights, I stopped thrashing as he moved the needle into my neck. Whimpering quietly. Utterly still. Slowly my sisters? shrieks were muffled, as the sky closed back over my town, showing me that my whole town was nothing but a box, that this being had kept us in. Like animals in a cage. I felt my body shutting down, as it drew out the needle. Replacing it in a box, as it flicked some sort of switch on the box, that was my town. My home. My whole world. My heart was palpitating, and then slowly shutting down. I could feel myself dying. It was a terrible feeling. Then he tossed me into a bin. Several hundred feet tall, but still only half as tall as it. This monster. I felt my bones crack as I landed in the bin, cushioned by... My brethren. Hundreds of carcasses of my own kind. So. Many. Rats. All of them dead. Just.. Like... Me.