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Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law, love is the law love under will.
Welcome to my page so that I can share my experiences and learning.
I am many things but always myself, I am currently focusing on thelema which covers egyption magic, Catholicism, and mixture of such great ideals on magic. So if your starting magic remember it's practice to master yourself. My suggestion to focus on is balancing your chakras to do this lie flat on any thing you want and breathe through your nose and exhale out of your mouth, now take your hand and hover over each chakra.
:the crown is on top of your head
:the third eye is between your brows
:throat chakra is well on your throat
:heart chakra is in the chest in between breast/pectoral
:solar plexus is a little lower under your ribs
:sacral chakra is at the top of penis/vagina
:root chakra is at the very bottom of your spine
So now as you hover you hand over them with your eyes closed and relaxing breathing, visualize a light or just feel love or both and keep your hand th red until you feel that chakra is balanced.
Doing this for others a pendulum is used to see how unbalanced the chakras are.
Know I'm not in a lot so I'll help when available but no promises.
Crown and third eye plus plexus chakras are a good focus to strengthen because crown represents higher self and connection with the universe, while their eye/ajna is our intuition and understanding of this plane and mastering our self, solar plexus is where your power comes from it's the sun giving warmth and nutrition to surrounding planet's. Then after that play with divination. Feel with your heart rather that judging with te mind. Be aware of your thoughts the more positive thoughts and visualization the more of that the universe will amplify for you, the more negative the thought of what you don't want the universe will give you what you desire. We as a species need to become more aware of ourselves and the power we each posses instead of focusing on an outer happiness with materialism.
93 my fellow students and teachers