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***Welcome To my perception***
)( If you need help I will give you my time when im online.
Before you seek my assistance know if your intention is true, if its involved with who you are in this exsistance.
I will not waste time on
.Awnsering romance questions, but rather guide what you can do.
.Things I dont beleive can be done in this dimension, including
^mermaid^ Vampire or werewolf spells.
.Flirtation, I am married with a family and am only on here to guide
My journey into the mysticism of magic took me a long time and plenty of occult experiences, its not as easy as videogames, fantasy, or movies. Its all in the mind and how much your brain believes is real. I have been to the O.T.O and found wonderful experience through a thelema temple but its ritual rites is not made for me, I forget easily and rembering a complex ritual and reciting from memory is not my souls way of expressing magic. My form is simplicty but beleivable to me. This is why I love pendulum dowsing, its simple but has so much areas of exploration and taro is as complex as you make it, reading the images I know how it affects me. Another form is spellweaving, I take things I find outside and in the house to make magical items for psycho drama.
Tools help you beleive in your own workings, im still working on my visualization to affect energy without them.
??I still have things to learn as we all do, but I still want to share what I know and learned.??
?Magic takes willpower the more you pour your energy into something the more it affects your atmosphere.
_On a personal note I am an artist, I love drawing, painting, sculpting and being crafty. I also lobe plants and am trying learn how to grow them as best as I can using minimal tools or what I have around me. I live trying to figure how to repurpose (trash)
like plastic and cardboard.
Other than that my husband is always helping me to reach for more knowledge in this vast universe. He is studying budissm and in my eyes so full of information, he remembers so well and has studied different areas of occultism for so long. He even went to the school of Metaphysics which I would live to have the resources one day to go. Right now im trying to learn about tattooing to share my art on skin and paper alike. I want to apprentice at a tattoo shop so I can finally make money doing what I love.
_With all that I bid thee farewell, and if your seeking help message with a subject of the question or awnser.