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Name: knightowl35
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Hello there, welcome to my bio ... you've come this far let me introduce you to who I am ... I believe in many things, love to read everything I can get my hands on, study and learn about many beliefs and religions. Not only do I believe that we're spiritual (energy) beings in a temporary "body" (casing if you will), but I know this to be factual, otherwise how would mainstream "science" explain death and what happens after we pass on from this temporary time in space we call "life". Im here on a personal journey. A journey which has me seeking self improvement, power, knowledge and prosperity, I want to be able to tap into all the energy around us, earth, wind, fire and water ... and no I'm not seeking wealth riches nor money. I say again, it's a spiritual journey. Im seeking to learn more about magic, spirit guides, auras, crystals, third eye chakra just to name a few. I want to learn to channel my natural gifts and use all the elements and sprit guides to learn more about myself and guide others thru this upside down laps in time we know as "life". Im most interested in learning about white magic, black magic, casting spells, tarot reading, incense, oils, crystals. Im into numerology, the stars, constellation, greek and roman mythology and completely fascinated by Aztec, Mayan and Incan history, deities and rituals. We live in a very simple one dimensional, ego centrical, self-centered society. There is more to us than we realize there is. Just because we cant see it or because it's not tangible doesn't mean it doesn't exist. REALITY is not what we see and know, this is someone's practical joke on humanity to keep us hidden from the truth, to keep the general population form accessing all the energy around us and reaching unthinkable potentials, to dumb us down and become there mindless drones. I don't know a lot, but the little that I've learned i believe has lead me down the path of real knowledge. I would love to meet you, drop me a note, stop by and say "hello". If you have any insight of where I should begin, what I should read and any suggestions on what coven would suit me best please let me know.