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Name: Dark.Witch
Birthday: Jul 4 2001
Location: Elpaso, Texas
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Hey I'm Nique. Feel free to message me. I'm very open minded, love to learn, and will answer any questions to the best of my ability. I'm more educated with crystals, symbols, meditation, astral protection, and consider myself an indigo children and an oracle. I've studied various forms of magic but don't consider myself a witch anymore, although I may practice once in a while. My zodiac is a cancer. I have also studied Satanism, am a member of the Church of Satan (CoS) and have studied LeVeyanism.I am very connected to the moon, astrological charts and events and the astral plans. I'm artistic, and my spirit animal is a spider. I consider myself an empathy and hate negative, close minded people. I've studied everything from Akashic Records to Wicca Traditions to Ley Lines and Thoth so I know a bit about a lot. I'm always willing to learn more, however.

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