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Name: Moonlight5o
Birthday: Aug 22
Location: Between the berge of life and death
Gender: Female
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"The life of the dead is placed in the memory of the living" -Unknown Hello, I am Moonlight and i've been learning about the craft for about 6 years now so if you need help on something i might be able to help you, so dont hesitate to ask although if you just say hello or say that you need a spell, i wont respond back so please dont waste my time with such rubish. I am a electic witch and some of my praton deities are Artimis, Freyja, Isis, Loki, Nyx, Odin, Orisis and more. Some of the things i research and know about are: -Myths and folklore Egyptian, Greek, Irish folklore, Norse, Roman Learning: Aztec mythology, Summerian Mythology, Celts, Druidry, Voodoo -Divination Runes, pendulum, auras (though still learning) Learning: Scrying, tarot, using player cards -Moon magick and Candle Magick Learning: Knot magick, Sigil magick -Lucid Dreaming -Herbalism -Evocation and Invocations -Asatru and Rokkatru -Basics -Chrakas Learning: Kallabah Well thank you for reading my profile bio blessed be Also DO NOT bother me with fluffyness, YOU ARE HUMAN AND ALWAYS BE HUMAN so you are not a werewolf, vampire, mermaid ect and dont message me that you are because you arent also dont bother with asking me to turn you into these, its all FALSE, so deal with it, if messaging me any of this i will automatically block you have a nice day