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Name: DreamingSae
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To be honest, all my life I have been raised to believe that magic and spells are a thing of fairy tales and that I shouldn't waste my time believing there is real magic in this sad little world. I was raised on science by my brother who has always been my role model, he taught me to base everything off science. It was him who taught me to follow my own heart down the path of reality and science, until recently. Recently my mind has run wild with new possibilities and other options. Curiosity and strange dark swirls that form other realities and new worlds. Until recently I wanted to follow my brother and be a scientist, I wanted to study animals and learn what makes them tick, but then my Teacher accidentally mentioned Wicca to me while I was helping her out after my lesson. . . Curious I pushed for information and before long She was spilling out stories of ghosts and magick and of her old friend who was a white witch. I thought she was lying. A few days ago I finally snapped and went online to look up the history of witches and Wicca. I didn't find much but I found enough to to make me hope. A tiny little sliver of hope at the back of my mind that always seemed to whisper; maybe. . . Just maybe, there really is magic out there, and perhaps this magick has more to do with science then I originally thought. Which is why I joined this website, to learn to believe. I no longer want to be a scientist, I want to be a writer, I want to tell others about the stories of the new and fantastic worlds that seemed to live inside my mind nowadays. I want to learn to accept magics existence so I can teach others about it. I am scared a little scared of ghosts, but the thought of learning about the religion that is Wicca along with its history and beliefs interests me even if that does mean looking into black magick. Age: 14 (I know I'm a little young but I'm often told I'm old for my age and I try my hardest to not be immature when the situation calls for seriousness) Home: Australia Favourite colour: Blue/Black Location: Wonderland Hobbies: Art, Reading, Writing, Researching anything and everything that interests me, boxing, hiking, horse riding, karate. Studies: I'm only in high school but when I'm older I plan to study English literature, animation, and biology. Future goals: I want to become a memorable writer with the ability to affect the world, I would also like to study canines such as wolves, but right now writing is my favourite hobby. If this fails I would like to try my luck at becoming a mangaka or animator since I adore Anime and Manga. travel dreams: I want to go everywhere. When I turn fifteen I plan to get a map and with every birthday I will place a pin randomly on the map and go there as soon as possible. Most of all I want to go live in Japan for a few years and I'd also like to live in New York at some point. Coven: The legion of Light and Dark Spirit animal: unknown Wish: to become stronger both mentally and physically, and to grow more knowledgable about the world surrounds me. Magick studies: I am currently switching back and forwards between white magic and black magic, nothing too major just little potions and memorising small voodoo spells. I haven't actually preformed a successful ritual yet which is why I'm mainly focusing on my chakra strength and memorising small spells and potions so I will be ever so slightly ready when I am ready to move on to the next stage. I'm also looking at Wicca History and religion.