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Name: lisalordi
Location: Gardnerville NV
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My name is Lisa,
My area of magic is: Premonitions and Visualization.
What I wish to learn: I would LOVE to learn about my powers and
possibly the power to cast spells of
healing and also work with candles.
Me personally: I am 61 years young
My Birth Sign is: Pieces
Favorite animals: Dogs/Cats
Hobbies: Genealogy, Gardening, Beading, Origami
Owl, Mary Kay Cosmetics and Anything
My goal in life is: To Be Happy and Stress Free
I feel that Magic is always best experienced firsthand, but you need to know what you are doing before you light the fuse.
Since I was very young I have been interested in magic of all sorts.
My first experience was at the young age of 6 or 8 which was visual. The passing of a neighbor and seeing him standing at the end of the hallway in my home.
Even though I lack knowledge, I don't lack the curiosity or the experience.
I would really love to learn more about dreams and spells.
I have always known that I was 'different'. Always feeling a presence and looking over my shoulder.
One of my moms sisters was born with the black veil over her entire body (thin layer if skin). Both my mom and oldest sister have had visual experiences. My sisters daughter has had a couple of visual experiences also. My other sister has never experienced any thing at all.
I wish to join a coven and finally learn my craft.
I am new to this and I would like to learn from those who are more experienced.
I Love my gift and want to learn more about it.