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Name: kavontre
Birthday: Oct 3 2000
Location: searching for love
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My goal is to be the strongest sorcerer and create a place where I am leader the leader of the liono a place where strong magicians will train and protect the people who cannot protect themselves and I will protect the girl I love and I love to eat pizza and my favorite drink is milk and I love sweets I have a awesome older brother named Kelton who I will surpass someday not just him my father also because I am going to be the strongest in the world
Girl: do you like me
Girl: do u want me
Girl:If I left would you cry
Girl:would you live for me
Girl:do I ever cross your mind
Girl:which one would you pick me or your life
Boy:my life
Hearing this the girl turns and starts running away tears boy chases after her and stops her
Boy:you don't cross my mind because your always on my mind
I don't like you because i love you
I don't want you because I need you
I wouldn't live for you because I would die for you
But I would still pick my life because you are my life