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Name: deadlybeauty
Birthday: Mar 19 1989
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***Hello to all who reads my profile. I am Jess. I am fairly new to the site, usually I would come to visit for guidance. I have always been drawn to magic since I was a child. Many ways I wondered if I was the one holding myself back and I was until now.
***I have always had a sense of things. As if I knew something was going to happen. Best way to explain the feelings I have as a deep intuition. Also in my dreams, certain ones-I just knew they were a way of telling me something. All of this is new to me but I want to dedicate myself so I can truly be who I am and find those to except who I am.
What I have studied and learned
Shaman/ Augury Witch
Animism and Pantheism
Electic Witch (studying)
(I am the type of witch that believes in its history and traditions. I don't feel to harm anyone and I am more drawn to helping those. I do see that balance is a major factor in life and as nature has a big role to me. Nature can be a healer, a protector, a place of real meditation,ect. as I have always felt the inner power in me I knew my love of nature was a way to help my abilities and the magic in me grow. Also, I do believe we all have good and bad in us. We do let one overpower us more than the other but even in nature there is good and bad.)
____>>I am many things in the eyes of others. People will always see you the way they want. But in all truth I am so many things, I live in the moment and try to see things the way they truly are. I believe to take risk and go for things in life....
** I am a Pisces, which tells a lot about me. I am creative, love music (all kinds) I do lose touch with reality at times but my mind is my greatest escape. I love helping people, when I do help others I find a very accomplished self-worth feeling inside. I feel very complete as a person.