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Name: Lindz3
Location: in a mess
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sat, 01 May 2010
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Name:Lindsay Justine
Nicknames: Juss, Jussie, Lindz (that is how i got my user name, much thought put into that, lol)
age: i have one of those
likes: anime, manga
dislikes:people who think they have the right to make others feel bad about themselves
Random Stuff about me:
I visit this website as much as posible and practice white magic like, all the time.I am always willing to help, so send me a message if you need any help. I'm not like the best though, so I'll try to help you. I believe that magic is everywhere and that belief is what makes the world go round (sorry that sounds like something out of a kiddy book, but that is how I feel). I practice light magic.
Unfortunately I keep magic a secret from most of my family and friends (really hard), so i can only log on one or two times a week. Kendell24 was and still is my cousin. She died in a car accident. R.I.P kiddo
Please don't call me Lynn it is a totally different name. Also sorry for any spelling mistakes I can't type to save my life!!!! Thank you all you people who have read all of this - and if you haven't noticed I have been known to talk too much- well at least when I'm out of school.