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Hi everyone! So, like, I've had a lot of paranormal experiences. For example, a white cloud of mist began to form my great grandmother's upper body before I looked directly at it. And I messed with a homemade Ouija board w/ my bestie, Aleigha. We contacted deceased family members and a protector/prophet. I am a "Chosen One", as is Aleigha. I am a deep believer in the paranormal, and I am afraid of abandonment, being alone, the dark, falling, losing my family and friends, failure, and death. I performed my own protection spell on my house, still waiting for results. I might possibly be a telepath, and if I am, I can only send messages, not receive. I'd like you to call me Wildstar, or Wild, or Star, and I h ave a website on Wix called wildstar190swords. I see things and hear things. I am very smart and clever. I'd take brains over brawn any day. I love nature and animals (especially cats). I seem to have a connection to the paranormal and animals. My great grandfather (not related to Granny) had a paranormal 6th sense.