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Name: AlexasYvonne
Birthday: May 17 1996
Gender: Female
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My name is Alexas, I have been practicing for about Eight years. Magik is something I have been dabbling in since childhood but haven't really been able to fully been able to practice in the open.
I have practiced in Tarot, and Candle Magik, though I'm still inexperienced in the craft. So mentors would be greaatly appreciated.
My studies go as far in both Darker and White Magik.
I noticed my psychic abilities when I was about Thirteen years of age, and did my research in silent for a good solid eight years before getting my first deck of Earth Tarot's. I have been spiritually sensitive for as long as I can remember and can sense energy/emotion change, though I haven't unlocked my true strength I hope to get there. My grandfather was a very strong White Bhuddest Priest, and I hope to beome as strong as him one day.
My Element is Earth
This is not a dating site, so stop treating it like one.