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Name: DARKora7
Birthday: Jan 31 2000
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Greetings to all. I welcome all kindly to message me for what ever reason. I am a reasonable and understanding person and will not easily shun you. I am happy to help anyone in need of assistance.
I am 17 years old and I am Not new to SOM i have been here for just about a year. I have an extent of knowledge on supernatural topics and reality topics (such as math, IT, Biology ect.)
I am Agnostic so religion is not a judged factor for me. I am open minded and respect any believe. please do not try to convert me because i would like to find my own path.
On a lighter note. My favourite colours are Snow White and Phantom Black. I love Winter! I Do play chess. I love to read and write. I might seem like a nerd (although i would take that as a compliment) I do keep fit by doing Parkour. I also like to learn new things so if there is anything you think you can teach me please let me know then maybe i can teach you something in return.
Topic that i am knowledgeable about is:
- Demon.
- Runes.
- Tarots.
- Rituals.
- Myths and legends.
- Cryptozoology (Study of supernatural creatures for those who do not know.)
- History.
- Psychology.
Again, I love to make friends so if you just feel like chatting let me know. I like to make good conversation and if you need me to I am also good at listening. ;)