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Name: VeiledBeauty
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Hello, my name is VeiledBeauty and welcome to my profile. I am of 16 years of age and still a student in both the living and the magickal realm. To be honest I've been interested in magick for as long as I can remember and I've practiced Wicca for 3 years, but now I officially claim Theistic Satanism as my path. I also want to mention I'm not some person with a scholarly amount of information on the occults. To be frank, I'm still very new to magick but I've been spending all of my free time reading all of the things I can get my hands on and choosing which information is valuable. My main interests are: - Demonology - Necromancy - Summonings - Banishings - Self-Empowerment - Shadow Magick and etc. Anyways besides my very basic knowledge of magick, I'm a person who's always willing to learn and keep practicing until I get it right and once I get it right I'm almost always willing to share what I've learned with others! Why? Because everyone learns from someone and the more you know something the better you become (well in most instances.) Well, before I go there's one thing I'd like to share: STAY AWAY from the group, "Joy of Satan!" I've done some research on them and I've found out that they are racist Neo-Nazis! Good Bye!