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Hello to anybody who is seeing this, the name's Grif, I've been looking and learning about spells for 2 years now and I am still a beginner, but I have been getting better. I am open to suggestions to help me get better at this, i'm also a huge nerd, I just play alot of video games and my friends and I still have our D&D games going and man we are having so much stupid fun. I think my new favourite (and yes the u in favourite is how you spell in canada) thing to call negative people is "edgy mc. my chemical romance" (high five if you know who i'm talking about, and may get him as my pic) Ok i'll try to make these on thursdays but here's an extra one for last weeks. Question 3: A million bucks but, every time you break a limb you'll go back to last year. Would you do it? Question history: #1 you get 500 Million dollars but every 100th word you will randomly shout out one random word. would you do it? #2 Would you rather drink watery ketchup or chunky mustard? Holy cow I have to thank who ever wrote that in there profile bio. Most of the people on this site are so bloody negative (EDGY that's the word I was looking for) it's just extremely sad, I mean really, yes we have all been there (just writing that is going to get me some hate) a bad life, I hate this person so much, I feel like dying, well cry me a fricken river we have ALL been there, so why keep crying about it, yes I have done that in my life but death is not the end, keep going that's what they want for you, to move forward, that person can give 2 craps about what you think of them, and that bad life is just the first step so don't stop while you're ahead. I just want this site to be more positive but nobody thinks before opening there mouth, yes I just read over what I said and i mean every word. Ignore what has already happened and think ahead, don't think negative think positive, and just think you'll see that again soon (I just read this part over and I don't remember what I meant, but I believe you got the point), I mean nobody knows what happens in the afterlife right? So keep fighting and keep fighting strong and you will see what great thing came out in the end. Hopefully you'll remove that stupid "1% that cares" crap.(okay after reading this over it really helped with what's going on in my life, boy it's great re-reading my inspirational words) So I have a favourite thing I like to do on this site, and that is read profile bios so I can see some inspirational stuff or interesting facts on energy or something along those lines. Well something that keeps coming up is the fact that people have these abilities to destroy anyone they desire. Now I understand that people shouldn't attack friends or family verbally or physically in anyway shape or form, but I do understand that they are still a person, and most likely they are having problems in there lives themselves so I wouldn't jump to conclusions. But that person is not who I want to talk about, it's the people claiming they have these abilities, these people go around boasting about this but they have 0 proof. (to those who have this ability, please do not hurt ANYBODY in the world, you end up being no better then them) To the people with this said ability why do you think you're still better? their WILL ALWAYS (don't take it lightly) be someone better then you. It just doesn't make sense why you feel the need to be edgy and ruin someones day because they said one nasty thing over the bloody INTERNET. It just boggles my mind, my favourite one is when people claim they are a god/goddess over a social media website, That is the true mind boggler right there, a god just on there phone updating their status. All in all I'm not making fun of the people who are serious, and that they are not planning on hurting anyone but they are just leaving a fair warning saying that they can do this, I'm just making fun of the one's that make themselves look like a donkey by saying the most fake crap I've ever seen. If you're one of these people, then heed my warning, you are painting a target on your back, not by me (because I'm not one that can do this but if I could, I would so put you in your place) but by others who take their life seriously. by the way sorry I can't provide a picture and it's not because I don't want to, it's just I have nothing to use.