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TheFallen1's Profile

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Name: TheFallen1
Birthday: Jul 11 1993
Location: A Place You'll Never Unserstand
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Sun, 18 Feb 2018
Membership: Member

Personal Bio
Hello and greetings to all.My name is Marquez Morris and I am TheFallen1,many of you may know me as Darkcrow, but Darkcrow is long gone know.I am no longer the person I was before, I am much more stronger and powerful than I was. My body and mind has been renewed into something I cant even explain.I have been interested in magic for many years know.And have mastered plenty.Plese any questions wanting to be answered please feel free to message me. I will do m best to help you all out. May many Dark Blessing Reign upon you all!!!!! Bless it Be!!!! THE STORY OF QUEEN LILITH!!!! Anyone who has read the creation story in Christian bibles of Genesis knows the account of the first human beings.the version taught there is one male dominance. God created man (Adam) & then (Eve) from the (Rib) of Adam. Taking a deeper look...there are proven facts of another women God created before Eve. Her name was LILITH,there are so many myths of her but my question is do sent a myth come from something being mostly true??? She was a counterpart of Lucifer,the originator of demons & vampires. LILITH was the force to be with.There is one reference in the bible as it stands today of LILITH. In Isiah 34:14 it refers to her as a 'screech owl' that was cast into the wastelands along with other creatures that were uncontrolled.Looking deeper,it is noticed that Genesis speaks twice of creating women, no mention of the women being made from Adams rib,it isnt until chapter 22 that women was made from man. LILITH QUEEN OF SUCCUBUS QUEEN OF VAMPIRES!!!! In the middle ages the story of LILITH became more outrageous. She was associated with incubus,which fed off sexualy energy, however it is in Midrash About that the account of LILITH being Adams first wife were examined in more depth.When she refused to be submissive & left the paradise that God had created for them,she had gone to the middle of the red Sea & become lover of demons,bearing their children.God sent three Angels to bring her back,giving her an ultimatum death to one hundred of her children each day.She refused & made a vow of her own that she would spare the lives of children who had the names of the three Angels, (Senoy,Sansenoy,& Samangelo) around there necks.LILITH found Adam during his 130 day fast and suduce him. These children are known as (plaques of mankind).She also suduces Cain and bears him unholy children also,speaking of Cain he was the first born son of Adam and Eve. He was banished, with a mark, from the land of his parents because he killed his brother Abel in a jealous rage. He was cursed by God and was forced to stalk the fringes of civilization, fearful of the sun and ravenous for blood, as he was refused by nature for fruits and vegetables.According to the vampire legend Cain wandered until he found Lilith by the Red sea. She took him in and showed him the power of blood. (The Tree of life represented in blood, and thus why drinking blood / being a vampire is such a big deal in a religious context.Cain and Lilith came a host of demons and vampires.Lilith taught Cain many things, including how to use his blood to evoke mystic powers and how to create others of his kind. At first Cain refused to beget, believing it was wrong to curse the world with others of his kind. But eventually he grew lonely and brought three others into the Vampiric fold. These three in turn begot 13 moreCain outraged by this behavior, forbade the creation of any more progeny. Gathering his children and grandchildren to him Cain built a great city ? The first city in the world ? where vampires and mortals coexisted in peace. Finally the city was overthrown by natural dissater others that a spurned child?s vengeful sorcery precipitated the cataclysm. Cain vanished into the wastes, never to be heard from again. Three vampires of the second generation likewise disappeared into the mists of legends, and the children and grandchildren became the true vampires.... In order for Any of our kind to progress in anything we must first know the supreme ones who were before us,and who made everything we have now even revelent. We must thank them for the gift that were given to us!!!! P.s. I can,but i want, i want to,but i cant, because its not my time yet!!!!