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SonOfRoots's Profile

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Name: SonOfRoots
Location: Questioning and Solving mysteries in his hideout (room)
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Tue, 04 Apr 2017
Membership: Member

Personal Bio
Greetings, my name is Mika but I prefer to call myself SonOfRoots or Roots for short. I believe that magic is as old as man and the existence of life itself, but what is the very root of magic, thus speaking what created the Big Bang and what created everything. If you believe it is god you are not wrong because god is represented as many things (usually a human). But if you believe that it is god, it is a bit un logical because what created god? I believe what created god and everything else is smaller and deeper then the atom, I call it the god atom because everything is created by it. Recent scientific studies show that atoms are no where near the smallest things known to man, scientists have found the composure of plants and life itself, of course there is no way of using this or manipulating this because the precision and technology to do so is physically impossible to do. Going back to an atomic scale I believe magic is all around us, incredibly small and hidden in electrons, I call these ethernanos, ethernanos are like a kind of energy which can only enter and exit living beings, it cannot be destroyed or created. Imagine if you are stressed or sad, you have a feeling of cold air or an uncomfortable bubble like object surrounding you, I believe these are ethernanos rapidly going into your body to re-energize it. Enough talk on an atomic level. What is magic and how are ethernanos involved? Magic comes from our soul and I imagine the ethernanos as a fuel for the soul and to create magic we need a lot of energy thus we absorb ethernanos every second of our life. More magic more ethernanos. Now down to the point. There are many types of magic thermal, dark, light, elemental and etc but what do they all have in common, what is the root to all of this? I am on this quest to find out what is the root of magic. What everything started with. Currently I am looking into atomic disassembly, causing gravity, emotions, space magic, sense magic and celestial summoning magic. These are what I think are the closest thing to the root of magic. If you support my idea follow me and join my covan. My covan will be created in a couple of months time so do no worry if you can't find it. A good example of the roots of magic are the most basic elements: air,earth,fire and water. These are the basic elements because almost everything is based on the basic elements, we are made by them and we are them. Life itself was created by these basic elements. Earth is like a cleans late it mixes and becomes one with other elements, this is done hundreds, thousands, millions or billions of times until life is created. Along with life more elements are created for example light and shadows are created by fire, shadows are fire which light is completely absent in, the same goes with light but flip the word equation around, now we have light and shadows. Of course this happens with all the elements until they create more and more and continue building until this day, of course men are helping in the creation of new elements.