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Name: OvaldoBrown
Birthday: Dec 28 1992
Location: 330 MacDougal Street And Broadway Apt: 3F
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Sat, 04 Apr 2015
Membership: Member

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Title: 6:66.P.M.: Dark Spirits Within: This may sound foolish but this is the moment you've all been waiting for. The moment where nothin else matters. Where nothing else ceases to exist. In the first part I'm asking for trouble. It may seem but I'm not. I don't want no trouble. I'm not the type of guy that don't want to experience it. I want to know it first hand and know what it is and what it's like and why it is what it is and what it's like to be possessed and to be in other religions pertaining to and dealing with pagan religions and sex cults or orgies or sex orgies or sexual religions or sex religions. I want the works. The whole nine yards. I mean I want the whole field. Check it! Why does nothing paranormal happen to me? Why does nothing paranormal ever happen to me? Why doesn't anything paranormal happen to me? What's doesn't anything paranormal ever happen to me? What am I gonna write about if I have no knowledge of it? I want to get personal accounts. Talk to some real people and make some movies? I just hope I meet the right people not the wrongs ones but in doing so I may meet the wrong people who are the right ones. I Don't Believe In Possession/Demonic Or Satanic Possession? I Want To Get Possessed/Demonically Or Satanically Possessed! I Want To Be Possessed/Demonically Or Satanically Possessed! Can You Help Me? It's An Experiment! It's An Experiment I'm Working On And It's An Experiment I'm Doing! A Documentary! Like A Documentary. A Documentary Of Myself Under Possession/Demonic Or Satanic Possession! It Would Be Cool To Try It Out And It Would Be Cool To Do It And I Know It's Not A Game But I'm Serious. I Just Don't Believe In Possession. Demonic Or Satanic Possession! Show It To Me! Show Me! Reveal It To Me! Until You Tell me, Show me Or Reveal It To Me. I won't ever know! I Will Never Know! Are You Ready? It won't control me. I will control it but I don't have that much time then. I'm trying to get myself possessed by a demon, a devil, satan or the devil himself. I'm starting a study of my own and I started a study and I'm working on it and I know I'll be successful. I want paranormal powers. I'm already having nightmares and dreams and I'm already being hunted and soon it will be time to move out of my apartment because of the paranormal things that are going on inside of it and that go on inside and the things the go bump in the night. That lie under my bed. I'm trying to prove the existence of satan, the devil and and God himself scientifically and if I can prove the existence of satan, the devil then I an prove the existence of God after I interrogate him of course. Guys I got this! It won't hurt me. I'ma make sure, once I get the demon inside or satan, the devil inside. I'll be in control and and I'll control it. I just feel that I need to broaden my horizon a little and get my feet wet and let my toes curl in sinful knowledge. Eve ate the apple. So I'ma bite it twice and no wonder what's going to happen to me. Sin does not control you. You control it. It over powers us but greater is he that is in us than he that is in the world. So I'm ok. I'll be ok. I'll be alright. It'll be fine. It's just a little experiment and just a little project because I'm working on this new project and this new book. A paranormal fiction novel. I'm writing and I need to experiment and get into certain things in order to know what i'm getting myself into and if no one tells me. How will I ever know? If no one tells me. I will never know and nothings wrong and nothing's wrong with me but you just have to trust me, have faith in me and believe in me and sometimes you just have to let people live and live their life and live their lives and let them go in the direction that they want to go and do what they want to do. Whatever is is they want to do or endeavor to do. God gave me the gift to write and in order for me to broaden my horizon I have to go through some things which I am willing to go through. Well it's a new project for me and we're already in sin what's a little more for a good cause and he's with me and got my back. I am a light in the darkness. So darkness won't prevail against me and don't worry I won't be sinning there is no sinning involved. Well it's not pride wait her but you ever felt like you were meant to do something extraordinary? Beyond what man could ever see, hear or do because it has been done and I'ma start a revolution. What I meant to say was that someone told me that God gave me the gift to write and so I should thank him because he gave me the insight. I want to work in the Vatican and be an exorcist and do exorcisms. Preach, prophesy, heal and do miracles. So that I can read and have all the knowledge I want. I bet time travel is real. I could probably meet the first demon possessed person or man in the bible and before Jesus cast the demons out into the pigs. I could say cast it out them into me and he will because I asked him to and it's my hearts desire to be possessed by a demon, satan, the devil or a devil and to be possessed by one or an unclean spirit. Send them my way. Bring it on. Witches and all. The like. I'm not saying I'm invisible but what I am saying is that I'm invisible because I've been rejected my whole life and demons won't reject me or satan, the devil or Devils or demons and unclean spirits for that matter. I know this might sound crazy and in speaking gibberish but I'm serious. I seriously really want to do this. So whose up for it? Are you ready? Warning: This is an experiment. This is only an experiment only. Y2K. FYI. A home invasion is at hand and is underway right about now as we speak and if you could just look out of your window you'll see it. The aliens in store. Stored in Area51. I'm not saying anything bad so don't shoot me. Don't shoot the messenger. I'm just relaying the message. A message. So don't kill the messenger. Paranormal Fiction Novel/Novella: Title: 6:66.P.M.: Dark Spirits Within: Tick Tock Clock: The Number Of The Beast: The Mark Of The Beast: The Two Witnesses: Satan And The Great Dragon, The Old Serpent, The Ancient Serpent Called The Devil: The Two Anti Witnesses: The Two Anti Christ: 666: Satanism: Demonism: Santeria: Black Magic: Witchcraft: Possession: Demonic Possession: Satanic Possession: Demonic Satanic Possession: Satanic Demonic Possession: Good .v.s. Evil: Evil .v.s. Good: God .v.s. Satan, The Devil: Satan, The Devil .v.s. God: God .v.s. Evil: Evil .vs. God: Occult: Occultic: Occultism: Pagan: Pagans: Paganism: Cult: Cults: Cultism: Eroticism: Sexuality: Tension And Humor: Genre: Paranornal, Mystery, Adventure, Suspense, Scary Horror, Romantic Thriller Drama, Suspenseful, Witty, Dark, Chilling, Twisted, Deadly And Lovely, Sci-fi, Crime Thriller, Comedy, Biopic Fiction. Chapter1: Description: Satanic Occurrences: Demonic Occurrences: Satanic Demonic Occurrences: Demonic Satanic Occurrences: The story, This story. A paranormal story. 6:66.P.M. Starts at 6:66.P.M. In South Central Los Angeles. East Los Angeles. During titanical may weather on the Florida Georgia state line on the corner of elm street. 1 dead, another critically injured after fire in East Flatbush, Brooklyn. Last week, three young men in Boston ordered pizza and they ambushed the 58 year old pizza delivery guy. They stabbed him to death for about $100 before eating the pizza. It's 6:66.P.M. and she wakes up at 6:66.P.M. Her name and her number is number 666 and she goes down stairway 666 and then takes the bus number 666. To the train 666, to apartment 666. Number 666. She meets a zoo keeper. Tatted up with the talisman 666 deeply around the crescent of his neck in sequences of 6's. Rowan's May was her birth name and the name she was born with. Born 666 pounds and 666 ounces. 666ft and 666in's. She needs a boat and finds boat 666. At the airport she gets on jet plane 666 and it is shipwrecked on the sea and crashes onto ship number 666. After she attended a ultra top secret ultra classified elite scientific military galla, club and party on ship number 666. All she sees is 666. So she plays it in the lottery. Lottery numbers 666 and wins $666 dollars but gives it to charity and gives it to her child with the mark of the beast in her forehead and on her hand. Born and raised the anti christ. She had 66 children. It's about a woman named 666 with a child called the anti Christ a baby girl. Born and raised who is the anti christ and she's plagued by the number 666 and 666 plagues of the holy bible but doesn't really count it as nothing for something for nothing. To her it means nothing until she goes on 666 journeys, trials and tribulations to hell, heaven and back again. Christ returns and comes to earth and takes his daughter the devil, satan. The great dragon of old and of renown number 666 to heaven. Forgives her and restores her back to her normal, rightful old loyal, royal position and puts a crown on her head and makes her king but gives her an old test. That's says that she has to worship and praise humans again and again. Time after time. Hour after hour. Minute after minute. Second after second. Day after day. Month after month. Year after year. Century after century and millennium after millennium. She the Devils baby. The Devils child. The devil herself in this millennium and in this millennial journey, trial and tribulation. There's a dragon with 666 horns on its head and 666 crowns on top of her 666 heads and 666 staffs in its 666 hands and braces and bracelets and jewelry on its 666 arms. one horn got broken and it got healed by number 666. Who is an assassinal hitman from hell. Sent from hell itself. Everytime you cut one horned head another one grows back in its place if you dare cut it off or cut one off of its neck or shoulders. In order to defeat the dragon with 666 heads and crown on top above the heads you must kill it, cut it and slice it 666 times with sword number 666. A mythical, methododical, mystical sword of fairytale legends. Ghost stories around the camp fire, tall tale myths. She checks herself into hotel 666 on highway route 666 on 666 at and 666 avenue. She's from Suffolk county, New York. Suffolk county correctional facility. She was stripped searched by a woman of course as she visited the Suffolk county correctional facility and she had to spread her butt cheeks. So that they could her for razor blades and guns fully loaded that can fit into your palm. She spoke for the Suffolk county police department and the correctional facility, news time and news casters on the stand and in public on stage. Front and center so that everybody could see her because in the public eye she was seen as a god. Like God in their keen eyes. She was subtle. Devisive, decisive, and undeniable. She was the public spokesperson for Suffolk county correctional facility news time, news casters. Smart girl. Very intelligent and outgoing and persuasive. She was, the lot of them. For talking to them and for them. It was like she was sort of the team. A team player full of team spirit. An alien from another planet called hell like carrie. He was the protect brains. The products brains. Protected brains. The person and the man to go to if there was ever a problem. Which there wasn't and rarely were but he was that guy to fix it or show you how it's done. The go to guy. That go to guy. That everybody liked and loved to the core and center of his being. His heart of hearts. He had security tighter than a but hole in the streets. On the streets of jail. She was a sheriff a detective of the law. In the suffolk county police department correctional facility news time news casters team. Badge number 666. There were 666 officers of the law. Who worked in her department. Shoplifting an account of robbery, stealing and gun possession on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree. That was on her record and what she was charged with at the age of 10/ten. The judge let her go easy. She was innocent and pleaded innocent and was out on bail on all armed charges. Even the gun possession charge but it was obstruction of justice on her part because she let a guilty girl walk free with a gun. A cult 666 with 666 bullets in the chamber and barrel. Headway but someone obstructed the justice even the judge was on trail for obstructing justice at the crime scene or at the scene of the crime. That day she was arrested and sent to jail she was there. He was there. She carried around 666 teddy bears which cost her $666 dollars as a child in her childhood and carried around immense powers and powers beyond not known to man. Universally and formally known but not at the time but internationally at that. She was powerful and immense being of great immense power and she couldn't be stopped because no one dared stop her because she would stop them or break their necks paranormally. She took the elevator 666. Elevator 666 down to floor 666 and then up to 666. Got and recorded a check of the amount with the amount on it of $666 dollars from the bank. Bank number 666. As she gets off on floor number 666 where lights are flashing off and on simultaneously in the hallway broken. As children are running around in the dark frolicking, playing and having fun and laughing while soon it. A small smoke whisper. She wears a bald cap number 666 to do a movie called 666: The Number Of The Beast: The Mark Of The Beast. Has a twin named 666 in the same frame of mind as her and a baby named 666. She was in a point of reference 666 but little did she know her mama was the devil, satan. The great and powerful dragon of old and renown. He mama knew he softly but slowly kissed her and caressed her button to make sure she was alright the doctor spanked her and smacked her on the but to make sure she was breathing because of she wasn't he would have had to to out her in the trash but she was just like her mother. In each and every way, shape, form and size possible. 5 What do we have? Give me a count? All clear? How'd the hell they know we were coming? Railroad schedules from the nuclear regulatory Commision they're transporting nuclear material to South Central Los Angeles. East Los Angeles. I want a lawyer. You leave me the rest of your cell I'll think about it. Till then no one knows that your here and no one knows if your not. You found him didn't you? You found the engineer. He's here in L.A.? Where is he? Where is he! I've broken the space/time continuum! Using only my mind my thoughts. What did you possibly need so bad that you had to steal it. Dads gone well get over it. I gotta keep this out of the press. Go worry about your image I'll handle this. I just wish that we had money from the mob. I'm under a lot of stress. I feel that I'm losing it a little I'm seeing things. Like I feel that someone's watching me. Someone else someone that I can't see. You feel the fire.? It's the fire of hell coke to burn you to crisp. Satan has come to collect your souls that you sold to him as a child. My parents sold my soul to him when I was a baby I didn't. So you must pay for it and they must die. You ant take back a deal or contract signed in blood. Let me see. Torched on fire. What have you done? I don't what I had to do I'm a satanist. Aunt Petta. Show some respect for your Aunty. The old serpent. The devil. She was so strong that she could stone the heavens and her mother was even stronger. I know so because I dealt with her. I know so because I taught her. She sang a little acappella but the tunes and the notes and chords were coming out during the song. Her name was Sarah kuttingmore and her life was like a scary ghost story but nothing could scare, frighten, terrify, mystify, mummify or move her. She had osperometaperosis. She had sclerosis, paralysis and multiple sclerosis. She didn't like the life of creedmore. When I came out to forget and to take the life that I have and gave of your brother. He smiled and made me smile so I didn't take his life and I thought to take his life but I brought him into this world a miracle. An oracle. He opened up then just banged. He opened up then just bailed. I say it's ok to think about it. Sarah tuglof(twin sister to sarah kuttingmore and sarah creedmore). Stop acting like this is a mess cause your are. Cause you are. Can I internalize it? Can I internalize it? I'll internalize it. What you doing tonight? What you getting at tonight? "What was and what is, is what is and once was." -Ovaldo Brown. "Art is the essence of life in your own eyes of the things you see in the world around you and the thoughts that come to mind." -Ovaldo Brown. She met him on the street. Down and under. She needed him so much. She was filled with wonder. She needed some money from him. So he asked her and she gave it to him. Then he gave it right back to her but it was a test of will and strength. To see what her giving and her receiving was like and how much she wanted it and wanted the money and how bad. So then he gave it to her back $20,000,000/20 million dollars. She loved sports and loved betting and loved to bet until she succeeded. Which she did whole on a trip to Vegas. Doubling her $20,000,000/20 million dollars to $40,000,000/40 million dollars in one day. In the middle of the night and in half a day. She didn't like him but he liked her. Number 666. Born on the 666(Month)/666(Day)/666(Year). Born and blood. A new blood. Born and raised. Biologically, genetically, mentally, emotionally, physically, physiologically, spiritually, meta physically, supernaturally, naturally, nationally, internationally and universally and formally the anti Christ. The anti Jesus. On the six hundred and sixty six month. The six hundred and sixty six day and the six hundred and sixty six year. Born and raised in his blood. Jesus blood. To drink and to eat to have and to hold till death did them part. (Hey I Wanna Tell The Story If What Happened After Jesus Died And What Satan Did After Jesus Died And During Jesus Death) So when Jesus died he devil stormed around mad and Jesus walked the corridors of hell unnoticed. Searching for the keys of hell, the grave and death. When he found them he noogied, boogied and punched the angel of death and hell and rose again and did the Jesus dance in the tomb at his resurrection. When the disciples found him not there. An angel spoke to them and said be of peace. Be of good courage. For Jesus is here but not here and so they said what are you talking about as they Simon Peter and Peter rushed into the tomb and saw nothing but whilst Jesus was dancing and having fun and phrasing and worships God right in the tomb but they didn't notice him and neither did he. She had a madalion called the angel of death, the grim reaper, azrael. Which was resistive to death and its sting like Jesus did but she had to take it off cause of creeta k even though Jesus told her never to take it off but only if she had to. "You never know what people know but all the more to do what you know first." -Ovaldo Brown. He loved her. He loved her so bad and wanted her as bad as she wanted him because it was an achievement. It was an honor. It was savagery anatomy. He spat on her and pistol whipped her with a colt 666 until blood spat out of her mouth and asked her where did you get this from? Nowhere! This is the devils gun! How did you get it? Cause I'm the devil you idiot! Liar! Then he would hit her again and more blood would come out, spewing out and spat out at she became sickly to her stomach because of all the nausea and all the hitting that he was doing to her. Besides he was her boyfriend. Her x boyfriend perhaps but maybe years later they could get back together. When he's not hitting her and interrogating her. Which he had always done but he was a cop a detective of the law and from hell. A sheriff but under his belt were titles like no other. That she didn't have but she was above him. In each and every way, shape, form and size. He loved her. Wrestling her to the ground. He kissed her on her forehead sentimentally. He wrestled her for a blessing and he wasn't going to stop until she blessed him. Which she was going to do. Until he stopped. Which he did and then she did. She blessed him with the mightiest blessing that you could ever have or receive. Stanley Pananley once had a pitch fork in hell. Poking everybody telling them to move it along because there were more coming and that you not the only ones and that was when number 666 never felt so alone. She was alone anymore she said and felt but they always kept everybody separate and you could always hear their silent cries in the distance. As torture ran along and amuck in hell's gate and in hell's kitchen literally. Miraculously her scar went away that they gave her. They would just kill her and resurrect her all over again and it was like a game to them until she found out their secret after a little talks. She didn't know but she started talking got them as they would torture her and they would tell her their life story unknown ingle giving her all the information she wanted and needed and desired but what was she going to do with all of this information. So what she did was use it to her advantage and what she learned is how she got there. How they got there and how they became tormentors. It was lively thing like how some are called but few are chosen and so it never said for what but they were chosen. They lived a life of servitude on earth and in return God granted them a life of revenge and vengeance in hell and he said vengeance is mine says the lord. Fear him that can kill and destroy body and soul in hell and not him who can only kill the body. He's a reporter for the engineering department. Again and again with the trails and tribulations he went through. He went through trails and tribulations. The man with the hat. The invisible woman. Seeing things is a vision. Is a destiny. It's a privilege and to hear what you hear is a blessing. Oh my gosh. I gotta get out of here she said. The man and the music. The saxophone player. The man with the hat. 1989 to 1969. He sat and played played the saxophone all night until day break. Wondering where he got it from? A killer. His father. Who got it from his great grand father. Around the camp fire and that's when he saw the invisible woman. As clear as day. As clear as the sands in the sky of the sea. He could see her. He saw her dancing above the camp fire and around the camp fire, ladies as tramps. Around the camp fire. To the campfires song and the fire's crackle and the tree's timber. There is where he saw the invisible woman in the night air. In the midnight air. He fell in love and kissed her and hissed to the air. Kissed the air as the rain drop puddles fall and fell but she wasn't there. She was fond and nowhere to be found and nowhere in sight. A goner. Established and wealthy. She went and hid in the shade. Waiting for him. Waiting for his touch. Waiting for his love. That never came. On a cold September night. On a cold September mid night day. On a cold September midnights day. Midnight's air. Midnight midair run. She was utopia. She was euphoric and orgasmic. Sight seeing. A sight to be seen and visited. A voice to be heard. A voice to be reckoned with. She was a dane. She was a dame. A damsel in distress and he loved her and reveled in her joy and loved her for that. The man in the hat and the invisible woman. A story left untold. A story never told. Two ghost stories. Two love stories. Two ghost love stories. Two love ghost stories. Infinity. Infinitesimal. She had to leave a pact. She had to leave. She had to go. Couldn't stay. She had to leave him. Tied up in medical school. College graduate in the shower. She took a shower. Zoey ended college. His heart was as the heart of God and his heart was as satan, the devil. Children of satan. 666. The number of man. The magic writer. Everytime he writes a story or writes with his pen. His stories come try and come to life. I wonder if there's such a story like that. As that. Well going to write it. Three ghost stories. The man in the hat who plays the saxophone in 1989 to 1969. The invisible woman and the invisible writer. They loved each other. They were in love with each other. Never before have they seen a love like this before with each other. A life of never ending love. Of never ending happiness and of never ending forevermore. Time. Only time will tell which one loves the other and which will marry who and if their love stays strong and they create a new bond and sing the earths song. Their love will last long. Forever. The two cannot be parted as their love started nothing could get between them to and nothing could get between those two. "No roses, all races." -Anonymous. She made an orgasmic display out of him. She mad an orgasmic display of him. She made an orgasmic appeal. She knew him but knew him not quite. All her affiliates. All her associates. All her businessmen. I arrive and the first singular thing you say or hear is the first thing you see and notice. What if I was wrong? What if I'm wrong? What if he is not here? What if he isn't here? Suzan Lavoe. It started out with both of them with 6 of them and needed up with Ms.Johnson. She was the devil's queen. The devil's cohort. The devil's sage and guardian angel. Archangel and demon. Half angel. Half demon. He knew her and sees her as he awaits for her inevitably. He knew her. He sees her. He waits for her inevitably. I didn't come here to be skepticized or capitalized. My question to Jesus? If you were a prophet? Would it be possible to prophesy on the spot? If you were asked to because some people say that that's rarely not possible and that they are not a whore, a prostitute or a harlot. So what do you have to say to that. I should start a blog called questions to Jesus. Hey, Jesus? If eve il has so much power? What power does good have? He was killed in the woods. Hallowed. As he was driving the car. Sirens of an ambulance blaring in the silence, in the distance. Cars passing by as they're driving down the road. It's black and white. The ambulance pulls up on the side of them and drives right on by but then a car and a truck pull up and they shot him 6 times and shoots her 666 times. Then the car crashes into a but and before they were on the road a party goes awry and they were in 70s attire with animosity on his face as they argued in the car about how they should have never went to that party and the scene was black and white and in black and white. He told the truth. So he was set free. Driving on the road. Ghost story #3: A man and a woman in 70s attire go to a party which goes awry and drives on a road and gets killed and murdered and shot and crashes into a ghost bus that was never there but headed to heaven that never arrived so other ghost, spirits and people were stuck on the road on the bridged highway in another world and their names were written in the lambs book of life. Ghost Story #2: The invisible woman. Ghost story #1: The man in the hat who plays the saxophone in 80s attire during 1989 to 1969. He travels back in time and he's a time traveler. Ghost story #0: Me. What is polities number? If get.(Ifget) Why do some have bigger dicks? Why are some more blessed than others? Why are some more well endowed? If you know what I mean? If you catch my drift? Because it's not fair that some are bigger than others and I'm not saying that mines is small and I'm not saying that mines is bigger because there will be always someone smaller and there will always be someone bigger but there is always never nobody in the middle. Like with an average size penis and that's what I think I got because I'm an average nigga. Ain't doing shit with my life. Ain't seen shit. Don't hear shit. I need a dick enlarger cause I cum to fast and I cum quick and I cum quiet and I got a average but it's small dick and not to small and not to big but in the middle and in between but just right. Like an average size penis. People say it's big and people say it's good and sweet and that it taste good and sweet like honey but the lord said there is none good but god and so if he gave me that sized penis that I got he is good. He is great and he is blessed cause he must have the same size penis as me if he gave me the little one and no balls. I'm a wimp I'm a weaker. I'm a coward. I'm no hero and neither are you. I'm not courageous, confident, bold or strong but bigger is better and less is more. Hydroponics. 1 dead another critically injured after fire in east Flatbush, Brooklyn. I wanna make the whole world cool again. Artfully crafted. As she disappeared into the night. He came and found her and met her on the highway, the bridged road. He had come to find out that no one was in the car but him alone. He had picked up a female hitchhiker. A roads way back. A while back on a dirt beat road. On a dirt beaten road. Roadways. A while back but when they crashed into the bus. The woman was gone. The lady was gone and it was as if she was never there. Like she disappeared into thin air which she did unbeknownst to him but he was the man in the hat who played the saxophone during the 1980's to the 1960's. So he just took his saxophone and left and played down the lonely dirt beaten road across and down the bridged highway. Where he got hit by a car. Died and went to heaven. Playing his saxophone in the angelic choir. The angelic orchestra. Where she met him. Where she met him and there they both was still wearing the 70s attire they were wearing the day they died. The same day they died. On the night of the car crash and the car accident and their murder. Murderous suicide. Suicide murder. Murder suicide. He wanted to disprove that suicide sends you to hell and not to heaven because if not how did he end up there he wondered as did she. They had pets. 666 pets. Hounds of hell. Fire obrasive. Resistant and resistive to fire. Jaw droppingly beautiful creatures of the night, midnight and the night watch. Artfully crafted and sensibly chosen. Who knoweth no time or hour nor time nor hour not the time nor the hour. When he cometh. Nor the time or the hour from whence he came or cometh. A brightened star. A bright morning star. Who never sleeps not slumbers. Until the day breaks. Until the day breaks again. In the morning and in the night. In the late midnight hour. The 9th hour. When he died. He will come on the day. He will return. When he died. With the two witnesses sitting at his right hand and on his left. They were sitting in their cages like mocking jays seeming ageless. Who will remain nameless. As life is turning all the pages. As they're running around and flying around faceless. In nameless, paceless, shameless unrest. Killers in the morgue. Killers down the street. The world had ever known but that the world will never know because they were assassinated by number 666. Who is the invisible woman. A notradame but who became number 666 after the car crashed into the bus and after the car crash and car accident. Her murderous suicide. Her suicide murder. Murder suicide. The world will never know the secrets we keep. He daydreams when he sleeps about her the invisible woman. The woman in black. The woman in blue. Sky blue with a sun clouded cloudy dress or shofar. There are beings of immense light and there are beings of immense darkness. Light and darkness. Darkness and light. Beings of innate immense power. Inordinate spirits and beings. Spirit beings. Life is out there on its own. As death is on its tippy toes searching for life. Dear life to hold onto and grasp it for its immense beauty and caringness and love and care. Faith and hope. Life is out there on its own but you have to find it. Find life and hold onto it most dearly like a mother loves a child. A mirigio analogy. A miragio analogy. I don't wanna spend time with him. With his dirty dark little secrets she said. Every corner. Ever nook and cranny. Every corner. Every nook and cranny has to be known. After her humiliation she fell in love with a dream, a thought, an idea. Have you now in real life, thug life, found family that you kept close and near? How strange. He was always there when we would build and we told him to leave. What if satan was trying to get the Keys from satan that Jesus stole from him. Would you help him? What would you do? Heaven couldn't wait. You created me from dust. That's why I did dirt. Crying, That's how you connect with your fans. Aww so sweet. My ungrateful son in the bed with my cheating wife. You know when you talk to certain people they are so cool that you can't even talk to them but when you do it's alright, it's ok and it's good. Why is it that when we dream we remember but when we wake up we forget? You ever felt like you made the wrong choice. No! Well you haven't made that choice. Cindy McClaus. When we were a team she said. Sadi. The dream collector. When he dreams. He collects people's dreams and peoples in his dreams as he dreams and speaks and talks with them in his dreams but when he wakes up. He spits them out of his soul into his bedroom floor. The suicide dancer. A suicidal girl. A dancer who dances provocatively before she commits suicide. Her friends make a movie to find out the reason of her sudden and abrupt suicide but it doesn't show. She doesn't show it or show the reason why because there was no notice of suicide or no suicide note but there was a note. A suicide not indeed. That said. Dear everyone, I'm going to kill myself. Don't search for me. I'm be tracked and traced by a suicide bomber and he wants to kill me. I'm a superhuman. Sincerely April. She did a dirty dance for josh exotically but some how. Some way. It was added into the movie and people loved it. Caught by her personal demons. She runs and hides in a stow away cab/cabin. A haunted house of horrors and terror and fright. Never to be seen again. A haunted house of horrors terror and fright. No eye had ever seen or heard before. Like ever before. A suicide homicide. A suicide bomber. A guy from a jet plane defuses the bomb intricate in its making and creation but it was defused none the less. Chapter One: Hacker's Solo: For Life: Till Death Do Us Part: The Death Of Us. The death bus that everybody gets on dies and that everybody that gets on it dies. Suddenly, abruptly and indefinitely. The hangman who hangs people from high story buildings just so that they can face their fears or just so that they would face their fears. The Irish con artist. A pink car that changes color by your mood or by the processes of your mood or mood change or changes. I asked Jesus, "How much do you love me?" "This much, "He answered, and He stretched out His arms and died. -Author Unknown. -Anonymous. In 1999 I remember listening to all this stuff. Let love arise. The American adventure at America. The golden dream finale. I suddenly would have never told you he was an inventor If he even was. There was a time where America became a place of praise. During titanical may weather. As always I am sincerely yours. A corrupt cop name Salvador Salvately. I had a vision for myself. Friends who work in the dark arts but are not like others because they use it for good. For the good and they use it to have fun and for fun. "You cannot be an artist without family. " -Anonymous. The faker things are the realer they seem. When you make mistakes you live with it. You live with them for the rest of you life. The indigo inn. Where all the indigo children live. JIndigoism. Isn't it about for many are called but few are chosen. Indigoism. It's not something you choose. It's something that chooses you. Like the lord Jesus Christ himself. I told you I was gonna hurt you Bill. No it's not gonna work. Gonna work on me. The animosity chamber. The gas chamber where people die. Did you get a record statement? No! If you don't get a record statement. You going down. I remember my sensei use to always tell me to research the indigo children because he thought I was one of them because of the life story I told him and because I told him my life story. Enter Everready. I need to start a new crew. Adventure. An adventurous crew. A lagoon. It gets to a point. I grew up rebellious, careless, worry free and care free. During titanical may weather on the Florida Georgia state line on the corner of elm street. Here mommy. Oh. Come here. Let mommy take a look at you. He was a man to exile. A man to fear. A man to adhere. Up Close and Personal: It's a horror flick where a guy is crossing the street and there's a guy right behind him and when he looks back he's there and then when he takes another look the guy is right behind him. I long to hold a woman in my arms. To the midnight. To the day break. When the moon lights. And the sun shines in the morning. Will I ever find the right one. The Man In The Hat: He lies dead blood stained. In Gods hands now. Covered in blood. But yet one remains. Victorious. At the end he is still living. With a raised sword and hands held to the side. While it is yet raining. The other lies dead. His thoughts are no more. While his body is on the floor. The Invisible Woman: And she dies. While the crevices of her core. Rot to the center of her being no more. In peril. In apathy. In sympathy. In empathy. In a three pronged tone. Where she's isn't heard no more. .R.I.P.: Here lies a son a son of God. Who went home to cook some meal and came back to kick some ass. Plastered by a ghost in the sand called Algorathor. Which means an oath. An aurora of essence. Who stands still like a Titan and fares like a woman. Spare not cease not. This means nothing to me. Why does he always have to do this to me? It feels like it's like as if God has forsaken me himself and that I'm never to be looked at and never to be touched. Rejected all my life by the best of them and this damned forsaken world and this damned forsaken place. This heathen. This nothing. This nothingness. This aurora of essence. Plastered by a ghost in the sand. An oath. Well you aren't getting nothing from me you drunkard man. Hand me that there mixes and masses. Boil in ashes the fairest of the all. He is upon us all. Open the gates. Do you understand me? It's like I've been abandoned. Like a wild horse. Beaten like an outcast. And thrown in jail. Excited from the wry face of God. You wonder if this place is real. Is this called home? What you see what you hear what you feel. Is this called home? When you lye in bed in tears. Hoping to wake up in the morning. But is this called home? Guns blazing. Hearts racing. But is this called home? No! Home is another facet of life which has a meaning which has its purpose but has no meaning. But is this called home? Born to not get along. To not fit in. To feel the harm. To feel the warmth. To be shaken up. And broken. Chained and open. Darling. Darling. Baby. My shine. My hope. My dream. My everything. In my hope. In my life. In my dream. This is the moment you've all been waiting for. The moment where nothin else matters. Where nothing else ceases to exist. John Gospel. Las Vegas where the invisible woman and the man in the hat first met. 1964 a woman died in a lake and drowned in the lake but was never found or stowed away her body because it was never there and she was never there but was invisible to the world. Her man killer her. Her boyfriend. Her husband. Her fianc?. 7 sages wearing black near a dark meadow willow tree are chanting 666 to the devil, satan, the old ancient serpent dragon. His name. His fate. His destiny. With the mark of the beast in their hands and in their foreheads. He heard steps coming up the stairs in the hallway behind him but he saw no one and no one was there or he ever did witness in 1983 Venice. The walls were crickety crackety and quite shabby. On the stairwell there lay balls and marbles for ghost to play with. So impede to help them go and crossover to the other side. There was a well stream of water and the facets and issues of life were there and there was a well spring of water where you could drink to your hearts contempt and where you can drink till your soups immersion. The End By: Ovaldo Brown