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Name: Hesse
Location: Edmonton, Alberta
Gender: Female
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Practitioner since 1986; however, I am not Wiccan. I was Initiated into the Golden Dawn in 2007. I suppose I would classify myself as a Gnostic Qabalist.

My chief purpose for studying and using the hermetic tradition is to achieve spiritual enlightenment; though, I do, occassionally, use practical magic for more material considerations.

Despite my occult enthusiasm I am a practical person, and a skeptic, especially in regards to magic. In my experience, real magic is highly effective, but comes with very real risks.

I am typically highly secretive about my occult knowledge (for obvious reasons). Most of my friends and family aren't even aware of my studies. It would be nice to feel some cameraderie with other like-minded people.

I will post a more comprehensive biography when I have the chance of it.