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Event: Ostara

Waxing Crescent
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.flo.risa's Profile

Member Info
Name: .flo.risa
Location: probably far away from you
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Tue, 14 Jun 2016
Membership: Member

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Personal Bio

updates - I may not be much active for a few days,I'm really busy with

my weird life and family creeping me out. If anything,

I check my mails often, but read the rules as below before that


so this is my main account, I'm also known as fiery here and also this is

my new account and my last one got gag and it was totally my fault,

Do Not Mail Me Saying SoM Mods Are Evil Or Anything! It Won't Be Tolerated !

Before you mail me attest read half of my bio!

its really irritating that you guys are still

sending me mails with only a "hi" or about vampires!

so I love getting mails <3

but make sure of the rules -

I don't care much about the subject so you don't have to worry much about that but -

Do not just mail me with a "hi" or "hey" or even "hello" or even anything like that with a smiley ! its gonna be ignored

yes I did say I love getting mails but replying to just a "hi" is boring...

send me your introduction or any craft wise discussion or any

good topic to talk about.

Do not ask me for my real name or any thing of my

personal you will be blocked immediately

I have no interestin sharing about my personal stuffs, sorry .

I won't spoon feed anyone here!

if you really want to learn first do some research yourself !!

if you are here try to pull meinto your religion then you got the wrong person

I'm an atheist(I don't believe ingods!) and I'm better off without a religion!

if you're searching for someone to flirt with then

kindly leave my profile

I have no interest in tolerating flirt ! I'm here to learn ! not

to tolerate junks ! this is not a " dating site" as far as I know


the common questions asked ---

how are you?

ans: I'm Always Fine !!

so whats up?

ans: I always do "not much" !!

Do you know any real vampire, werewolf or mermaid?

Ans: Nope, I dont know any "real" live mystical creatures like

vampire, werewolf or whateve.

Can you turn me in to vampire, demon, werewolf or whatever?

ans: nope I can't turn you in to anything!! in fact ! nobody can !

you are human and will always remain human !

can you please help me change my hair/skin/eye color?

ans: well if your searching for a "magical" help then let me tell you,

spells aren't meant to cause you any kind of physical change.. but if you really want

then you can just simply dye your hair, add make-up to change your skin

color, go to a doctor and get your eye surgery done

questions like above will be ignored as its already been answered !!


so about me -


I'm in love with the beautiful sound of piano, Music makes

me calm and gives me the ability not to punch anyone.


my name is florisa( just a nick name)

I do not feel much explaining myself and no one even reads the

"about me" anyway, do they??

I don't think so... if anything to ask just hit a mail following the rules .