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Name: Lisica
Birthday: Jan 16 1996
Location: Munich,Germany
Gender: Female
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Favorite Colors:Cherry blossom pink,royal blue, and fox red. ----------------------------------------------------------- Favorite songs: Porter Robinson-Fellow Feeling (Chet Porter Flip), FMLYBND-Where is Mind, and You Are My Sunshine. =========================================================== I'm a huge fan of EDM I even listen to it while I meditate. ----------------------------------------------------------- Favorite Music Genre: Chillstep (aka Melodic Dubstep) =========================================================== I enjoy watching anime, and playing guitar.Drinking tea and meditating are my two drugs xD ----------------------------------------------------------- I speak three languages German,Cherokee,and English. Although I speak Cherokee I am Also Shawnee,Blackfoot,and Chickasaw. I own a pet fox named Tsula it means fox in Cherokee. ----------------------------------------------------------- Favorite Word: alihelitsidasdi (Happiness) ----------------------------------------------------------- Favorite Animals:Tsula and Alisoqualvdi (Fox and Bear) =========================================================== Obviously my favorite language is Cherokee.To me Cherokee is a fun language to speak. ----------------------------------------------------------- Favorite Number: 3.14159 =========================================================== Status: Happily engaged ----------------------------------------------------------- Current emotion: Happy (because I just got a new puppy)- 4:27 pm 4/10/15 (Current time in Germany) =========================================================== Age:19 ----------------------------------------------------------- Nickname:Glanz(shine in German) and Utsisdalugisgi (shine in Cherokee) =========================================================== Favorite Movie:The Lion King. I cried so hard when I watched this, the death of Mufasa was the first tragedy in my life. ----------------------------------------------------------- Height: i'm just too short for my age...just too short :( 4'11 to be exact