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Name: Danru
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Fri, 20 Mar 2015
Membership: Member

Personal Bio
I was always taught to hide my talents and it always made me feel like I don't belong, I'm just pretending to be 'normal', its almost like watching everything from a window on the outside...I know I can go in and pretend and fit in and not be lonely but at the same time I would be lonely because I couldn't ever be myself. Honestly I'm quite nervous about putting any of this out there, aside from the I'Ching and aura readings no one knows any of this about me...well, here goes.... I've seen and spoken to spirits my entire life, with one in particular always being with me as far back as I can remember. Don't get me wrong, I'm not like a ghost whisperer or long island medium, I'm more like a magnet for the restless and occasionally the darker spirits. The down side is...well it's awkward to be in the bathroom and have one show up the upside is that I never had to study in highschool or college to maintain a perfect average...Then again I had a highschool teacher that constantly bullied me and called me a side-show freak for my ability to answer any question so double edged sword I guess. Anyway, I'm not so good at controlling this, I mean the just pop up whenever and won't go away until they feel like it, which can be really bad when you get a dark one showing up while a light one is around...makes the whole situation tense and VERY uncomfortable because they both demand that I send the other away and then they squabble because I can't and ugh...it can get really ugly. So yeah it'd be great to have help with that... I've done I'Ching since I was about 7, my constant spirit taught me and I've become pretty good at it. I also do some tarot and scrying but I'm most comfortable and accurate with the I'Ching. I can do aura readings as well since I can see them, though I have to work at it since I don't do it often, for me to see them I have to remember HOW to look, it was something taught by my spirit, not something I naturally do. I have dabbled in various Wiccan/Druid/Chinese magics though I'm not very good since I've been doing this all by myself for years. The only thing I am very good at is making things grow. When everyone else's garden is wilting and dying mine is thriving. Its like I can FEEL the energy from the earth and plants and just KNOW what to do...though I tell my neighbors when they ask...its just the horse manure lol! I also get badly abused dogs, cats, horses, birds and even the odd lizard from my area humane society because I can almost always nurse their body and soul back to health. I'd really like some help with all this too, I don't understand my abilities or how to fully use them since I was always taught to suppress them so yeah...that's my long rant and I hope that I've finally found a place where I can just be me and get some help and maybe help someone in return^_^