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Name: Sleepy_cat
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Hello, my name is A....... Sorry, I do not easily trust to tell you my real name so, please just call me A or SleepyCat and my age......... well too lazy say about my age because I have to change every year but it doesn't matter to me, though........... I'm a Pisces I like Anime, manga, PSP games, sleepy, Music, looking at the sky day or night time , swimming to nature and drawing a picture from my world of dreams. My favorite color is Sky blue. Likes: Full moon & stars, Positive, True friends and Loves cute things Dislikes: Betrayal, it hurt to say goodbye before they pass on I always try to be positive but no matter how much to be brave, to be strong with a big smile was nothing but a mask I create to protect my heart & soul by them cruel words and bully. It hurt when there say want to be your friend only see on my outside normal appeared just because I mix blood but not my true self. Some people think I'm normal & some people think I'm weird and all but it doesn't matter even I try to endure my pain. I love to learn magic and fantasy