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Name: AnnabelleOak
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sat, 02 Jan 2016
Membership: Member

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I am Pagan/Wiccan, but if you are Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, etc I have no plan to harm or disprove your beliefs and totally respect your opinion just as I expect you to respect mine. I believe in world peace and that everyone has a right to have happiness if they give Happiness. I'm vegan and all about meditation and herbalist spells. Also I got a question about my name lol my real name iS Anna woods but since my friends joke about calling me "Oak" idk I thought I'd be funny but I was wrong :P ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ CURRENTLY STUDYING () Lunatic (Moon) Trance Work- All types different types of divination such as: Capnomancy Pyromancy Metagnomy Sciomancy (The well known) Scrying- Runic Magik- Interpretation of dreams- ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ BEST AT (^^) Most Readings: Tarot Tea leaf Aura Palmistry Crystal mineral uses such as Crystal Therapy/ Healing- Candle Magik- Stone Magik- Herbalism- ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ INTELLECTUAL STUDIES (()) Natural Medicine/ Medication- Psychology/Psychiatry- Mythology- Norse Egyptian Korean African Roman Biology and evolution- Myths and Monsters- ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ABOUT ME ~Zodiac- Cancer~ Astronomical number - 11~ Spirit animal - Owl)~ Element - Water~ Aura- Crystalline White~ Sexuality - Lesbian ~ I'm single at the moment~ Animals?- Black Cat Named Luna- = =~ Maximalist~ Feminist~ Is magic real? Khakani 1 Understand what Magic is. There is no one definition that is universally agreed upon, Scott Cunningham defines Magic as "The projection of natural energies to produce needed effects." Magic is energy, it can be found inside us, in nature, everywhere. for a spell to work you must first tap into this energy around us. 2 Understand what Magic can or cannot do. Magic is a force of nature, it is bound to the laws of nature. A spell to go against nature, such as flight or invisibility, cannot happen because it is against human nature. Spells work to create changes in the energy surrounding us to bring change. Love, luck, wealth, protection, cleansing, and other forms dealing with forces and energies are possible. No physical changes can instantly manifest themselves through Magic. A beauty spell would work if coupled with a new face washing routine, diet, or other activity to promote physical change. 3 Think positive. Think: "I can do this. I will and I can." It works every time but you have to have the will for it to work at the same time. For example, it's no good saying: "It will work it will" while thinking "can this work?". It's just a trick. 4 Research. You cannot just throw a bunch of items into a pot, say "abracadabra" and hope it works. Every item has different energies unique to certain spells. Four leaf clovers are lucky, you wouldn't use one in a protection because its energy works against the spell in question. Research the items you wish to use to see if they work in your spell. 5 Create the spell. Now you are thinking in a positive way, use your skill to make the spell work. 6 Make sure you have done the spell right. If you use someone else's spell then make sure you follow it. 7 Wait. Your spell may take a couple of days to take hold. One moon cycle is the average wait time between spells. 8 Be aware of your surroundings. Magic works in subtleties. You may expect someone to suddenly appear in front of your once you've completed your spell, but this will not happen. What will probably happen is, walking home, you suddenly get this strange desire to check out the new cafe in town. This is the spell telling you something will happen if you go to the cafe. 9 Don't dwell. Constantly thinking about the spell will cause it to fail. If you cast a spell to get good grades, be sure to study. if you sit around telling yourself "I don't have to study, I cast a spell." Guess what? The spell will fail. If you study, the spell will help you remember the questions easier and get good grades as a result.