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Name: Starwolfie
Birthday: Jan 27 2002
Location: Sunrise Island
Gender: Female
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"I've got three points for my test but, full points for my smile." I'm a young 13 year old girl trying to learn magic. My parents are christian but I kinda believe all religions, some or another, are correct. (They don't know I'm a witch either.) I have maladaptive daydreaming disorder so I never really focus I'm always happy to listen to my friends and help the best I can. My element is air. I want to become a spellcaster so that way I can help my friend Leah who is suicidal. I've also been very interested in magick so if you have any ideas on something I can research tell me. My element is air but sometimes I Think it's water. I love to write stories do feel free to check me out on Wattpad: starwolfie312. I enjoy meditating, black butler, ojamajo doremi, other anime which could never top those two, lasagna,pocky, doughnuts, and my sisters. I hate homophobes, and christians that say anyone who anywho isn't christian is going to hell. I legit believe that everyone is imaginary and I'm the only person on earth A poem I wrote at three AM cause my imaginary friends never shut up at the worst times. ( I love them though) Through all of our days we are inseparable that's undeniable best friend through all of our hardships our tears and our fears i'm by your side the magick of our love is forever growing strong as I hold you tightly in my arm don't you ever shed a tear. sleep well my dear never fear i'll be right here I'm always here I love mail so send some random stuff to me. I love riddles and brainteasers as well as funny quotes. If you are going to flirt at least use proper grammar. I mean common. I also enjoy having serious magick discussions since this is a site about magick.