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My name is Sandra you may call Raven I am a very nice girl I am not rude if you rude or nice to me does not matter because I am nice to you that is how sweet I am I am looking for a teacher to teach me high level or low level magic but no death spells it is against my code of honor.I am a huge PSYCHOTICALLY OBSESSED Teen titans fan I know everything about it/them.I am a goth
I like writing stories,acting,etc.
if you have been bullied I know how you feel,
nobody is perfect so do not judge anybody about anything,
you do not have to be my friend I just want respect,
people deserve love,kindness,and respect not sass,
if you need my help I am always there for you,
be brave and you could do anything nothings impossible,
do not hurt others it is hurtful to them also you are hurting yourself because they can no longer trust or respect you,
and always give effort of what you do
To all who are saying sorry for what?you were not the ones who... i knew it was going to be this way with the depression and the lies but they were the only ones that made me feel like I was not worthless and do not tell me I am not.
And guess what nobody likes or loves me and when I get bullied people laugh but take a guess I am not laughing. I am crying.