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Name: JamieThorn
Birthday: Apr 1 1994
Location: NY
Gender: Female
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My name is Jamie and I am 20 years old. I am currently learning the art of taro as a part of my wiccan path. I am looking for guidance and help in taro, being pretty much a beginner I am trying hard to find my ideal way to hone the taro. I am extremely friendly and very knowledgeable of the zodiac and herb healing. I also am skilled in lucid dreaming and dream interpretation. I am eager to honor all divination types, as well as the craft itself. Looking to make friends with peope who have common interests and nice people in general. Blessed be.
OFFERING 4 CARD TAROT READINGS FOR FREE (all I ask if for feedback in return)
I use the CRYSTAL VISIONS tarot deck
*please don't mail me to flirt, I am in a very serious and committed relationship*