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Name: AspenRede
Location: Massachusetts
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Hello all. My name is Aspen and I am 15 years old.
Despite my age, I am completely serious and come on this site for two reasons, and two reasons only and that is to discover and learn new things about especially wicca.
Ask me questions, however i am not as knowledgeable as an elder I can relate to the newcomers for I am not technically a wiccan, but I am hopeful.
I have not had the honor of finding who my for sure God and Goddess is, but I feel a undeniably strong draw to Hecate.
IMPORTANT NOTE: I did not join this website to flirt or any of the such, or give out personal information! This is not Pagans, Wiccans, and Witches!
I will thumb through spells on here but do not dabble with spells such as werewolf or vampire, for this does not appeal or convince me of desire or truth.
I don't bite, and I'd love for you to assist me in the beginning of my newly found spiritual path.