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Name: OpenMind
Birthday: May 7 1999
Location: Cordoba, North America (If not found check Wonderland)
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My name is Catherine Cabrera, I am a 15 year old female. But fear not, that I am more mature than you think. Please do not underestimate me. It is not important what a person seems to be, it is more important what they can become. I am barely starting, my Book of Shadows is in progress. My horoscope sign is Taurus. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- *I might be a "Newbie" on this site but not in life. *I might have a short time period living in this world but I am making sure it is not in vain. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- I am currently learning The Basics of Magic since I don't want to commit a mistake that I could be regretful. I am naturally sarcastic so please don't give me reasons to "indirectly" insult your person. I am a person who has a dark personality. However, after an unpleasant encounter I had on January 15 of 2015 I have shifted my behavior which eventually leaded me to Magic and incertitude. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- I am very "picky" about grammatical issues since now-a-days there are many idiots who think it is okay to not know how to spell the word "The". However, small accidents are always permitted and understood (I WILL check my keyboard to see how far you were from the correct letter and I will block you IMMEDIATELY if I find inconsistencies). ---------------------------------------------------------------------- If you feel like having a friend I will gladly have a virtual cup of tea/coffee (What ever pleases you) with you. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- "Well, the answer to "What is my element?" is simply: All of them. You are all of the elements at once, even as you embody none of them. Water is the glue that holds you together. It flows through every cell, tissue, and organ, and helps sustain you with all of the nutrients you need. Earth gives you substance and form. It is what defines you, what makes you solid and stable. Fire gives you passion and the spark of life. It is the pure warmth of the living. Air is whim, creativity, thought. It is the vapors of your longs and the vapor of your mind. You are all of these things." -AwakeTooLong BRILLIANT! (All credit given to the Publisher "AwakeTooLong". ---------------------------------------------------------------------