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Name: Dragonhorse
Location: The Dark relam the border between this world and the next
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Mon, 11 Aug 2008
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I'am a horseback rider and when I first tryed spells it was a year ago and it worked but I haven't done any ever scince and now I'm looking for spells and making many I sell books and I'am in fact a Vampire not a fake one and not by religon.I'am currently single and I'am not looking.I'am open for anyone who want to give me some ideas on some spells and would appericate it if you could atleast send one or give some ideas.I'am going to be 13 (in human years)in august and yes I may seem young but I'am in fact 1,500 years old in Vampire years and thats young to Vamps.lol.