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Like moths to flames-Your existence.
There is no Demi God or goddess that would get on this website and reveal themselves to the world. Therefore anyone who claims to be a God or Demi God looks foolish to those who have had years of practice in the art on this website and has obtained very real knowledge and power. Don't message me if you are one of these people.
A moon who's light was once blocked by the darkness of an eclipse, I now walk the path of hope and love. An essence as Divine and bright as the sun,I have come in contact with my true self.
Ideals without strength are nothing but fairy tales and myths. It is up to you to make them a reality.
To me, everyone's an amateur.
If you're a fluff and you mail me, please know that I will know, for the second to last line is truly how I feel when it comes to people on and off this website. However, I am not all knowing nor do I think I am better than anyone.