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My name is Brandon, Hey there! ;) Some things to know about me is that I love people, and will always be willing to talk to you!! I also love questions so ask away, rather it be about magick or not here I am! ^_^ Somethings to know about me is that I am 17 years old. I live in the USA, I am pan-sexual, I have blue hair.. >_> yeah I know I know, what can i say, i love the color blue! cx Also, very proud member of the coven, Acquaintance with Darkness! Somethings I'm interested in -Anything Spirit or Soul related, Inducing: Astral Projection, Communicating with Spirits, Summoning Spirits, Banishing Spirits, controlling spirits. Also things like Binding and Banishing really interest me! Somethings I am proficient at -Protection -Healing -Purification If you want to know anything else about me just message me and I'll respond!! :D Also, my kik is- secretedboy so Totally kik me if you want to talk! :) Also I'm looking for a mentor/teacher to teach me the ways of the summoner. So if you're willing then totally message me!! :)