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Sharifeh's Profile

Member Info
Name: Sharifeh
Birthday: May 9
Location: United States, Illinois
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Wed, 11 Feb 2015
Membership: Member

Personal Bio
Favorite quote: "I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity." -Edgar Allan Poe Best friends:jacona123, alice_witch, October Eros, whitestripe, megsoulstone, jade666, H2OfanRikki, Raghailleach, Savannah2645, and Bunniechu. If you hurt any of these people in anyway, "I will find you....and I will kill you" ;) just kidding! Though but seriously, I will raise hell :p Hello, my username and real name is Sharifeh ( some call me Shari). im in all honors classes, which means that I LOVE science and math,and someday I want to be a veterinarian. I'm not part of any covens or such, because I am still exploring and find everything so interesting. I'm interested into old fashioned magic(k)than into "turning into a mermaid" which hate to break it to ya, YOU ARE HUMAN!!! I had always loved stagemagic such as Harry Houdini, the greatest performer in my eyes. Growing up I had always wondered if Houdini had practiced witchcraft behind stage, leading me to study it.. When I was kid, I used to be afraid of spirits and djin ( if you don't know what djiin then try to google it) thinking that they were all negatative energy, but when I grew older, that spirits and djin help you in ways (though I've never seen a ghost or djin ) and that they are ones that are good and not harmful.to this day, Iam not afraid of ghosts or djin, etc. I am new here but so far it has been an amazing experience of finding others like myself and finding my inner self. I'm pretty nice, but I get angry real easily, so don't be an a$$ to me. I consider myself witty and clever.I used to think magic(k)was an art, but I am leaning towards the side of science(still unsure) . I don't think that Magic(k) should be used for fun because depending on the way you use it, it can be dangerous if you use it for a bad purpose.I like studying it because I find it really interesting , and I will continue to study it. I love nature and I love cats. I have always had a better connection to my cat then I have ever had with people , so she is my everything. I love the night, especially when there is a full moon, I think it is the mostbeautiful sight I have ever seen. I am straight(maybe straight isn't the right word to use,sorry if that offends anybody) , but I have bi friends which are some of my best friends and I don't judge people because I do not know what they are really like.. I'm the curious girl who would go and check out that noise coming from the closet at the dead of night. Like most people, I am not fearless, we may try to convince our selves that we are, but deep down we all have a fear. My worst fear is having people lose all faith in me. So Yeah, that's pretty much it. If you want to email me then go ahead, but I have to tell you that I don't know everything so try not to email me about if a spell works or not, and ... Please, if you just message me with a flirt, please just leave but if you are looking for a friend, i will be more than glad to be. I'd like to get to know some people here, so feel free to message me. I'm a nice a person, but I do not tolerate stupidity or any sort of fluffiness. I have no magical abilities ( at least I think I don't...but that would be awesome) But deep down, I feel like that there is a spark between me and magic(k) that just needs to be discovered. P.s , I'm a huge creepypasta fan and ALL Tim burton films,comic books and the daily show. OH and doctor who Things I work with or things that I prefer to work with Energy Animals Plants Water Things I dislike, when people try to put themselves off sexually to strangers, when people say or do stupid stuff, when people do things just because others are doing it, when people say evolution doesn't exists and that the world is only like 10,000 years old. That's pretty much it ( I know, this bio is really long, sorry) IF IM ONLINE AND DONT RESPOND TO YOUR MESSAGE, IM SORRY IVE REACHED MY LIMIT MY OTHER ACCOUNT IS sharifeh2