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Hello! My name is Joel and I'm 20years old. I'm a Gemini sun, Cancer moon, and Leo rising. I've been learning and practicing magic for about five years now. I am experienced in certain paths, especially crystal healing, for medicinal and magical uses but astrology as well. If you have any questions about astrology, crystals, crystal healing, gem elixirs, feel free to mail me!I have plenty of free time on my hands and that gives me time to learn more. Please don't message me to do spells for you, it will be better if you do it for yourself. Always remember though that magic helps but it doesn't do the favor. Oh, and please don't mail me if you're going to ask me if werewolves, vampires, fairies, mermaids exist or how to turn you into one, I get the appeal but it's impossible lol.

What I practice/study:

- Crystals/Gemstones
- Hedge Witchery
- Gem Elixirs
- Crystal Healing (Crystal Grids, medicinal uses of Crystals)
- Meditation
- Candle Magic
- Astral Projection
- Dragon Magic
- Astrology