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I was only born i n s i d e m y d r e a m s Firstly, I will tell you my age. I am thirteen years old. Yes, 13. Please do not ignore me or judge me because of my age & skill level. I would appreciate it, thank you. :) I am a baptized Christian, and I practice white magic alone - I only use it to help people & animals. I am a follower of Jesus Christ & the Lord God. Again, please do not judge me. I will never judge you based on your beliefs. Please respect mine. No matter what your religion or beliefs, you can come to me with anything. If you're going through a hard time, I will help you & I will never, EVER, share your personal information. Moving on . . . I am a Virgo, born on September 7th. This means that my element is earth, which I find very fitting due to my love of animals & nature. Now - on to the magic! My aura is turquoise, & based on a test I have a red overlay. Turquoise is a division of blue auras, & it means that you are a natural healer & lover of the earth and its inhabitants. Those with turquoise auras like myself also should love helping others, whether it be human or animal. I have discovered my aura through a spell on this site & a mental health test of some sort. I practice only WHITE MAGIC. I will never practice any spells against my God. Also, I do not really believe so much in casting spells as in using the abilities you are born with. God has blessed many with a gift, & I prefer using my gifts from Him rather than casting spells & performing rituals. I love animals dearly, and have much more of a connection with them than with humans. I can sense and manipulate emotions, especially animals'. Which brings me to my next point. I am, as I said, a natural healer. I heal animals rather than humans currently, & plan to do so as an occupation. I have never truly tried to heal a human the way I have with animals. Another thing I can do with animals is pathokinesis. Unlike healing, this is something I commonly perform on humans. But I know - what in the world is pathokinesis? Well, for those of you who have not read the Twilight series (do not judge, haha), pathokinesis is the ability to sense & change emotions. Based on Jasper Hale's ability this is done by manipulating hormones & chemicals such as endorphins to change the mood, all of this done with one's mind, but affecting the body of a person in order to change their emotions. Alright, it's a bit complicated, but I'll break it down: pathokinesis is when you manipulate a person's emotions by changing hormone levels. Got it? Good. Healing & pathokinesis are both white magic in my opinion. They are my God-given gifts. I'd love to learn more skills - that's why I'm here! So that's about all - one last thing, never forget I'm always here for you!