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Name: Melodux
Location: Dancing with glitter.
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Greetings. I am Melodux, welcome to my biography. I am a practicing Wiccan. As you know, 'Wicca' is a common outlet for all magick practitioners alike! I am a bit of a raggamuffin when it comes to Wicca. I don't belong to any group of any kind, I'm just a Solitary! I personally think if you: - Believe in the God and Goddess - Acknowledge the natural world and think all of life is valuable. - Believe magick is real, and every thing has magick flowing through them. That if you believe these things, you are a Wiccan. Although, I don't think magick should have labels. It seems...derogatory to me. It's a personal belief of mine, anyhow. Feel free to ask me a question. But there are limits on what you can message me. Terms Include: ~ You want me to cast a spell. I will do no such thing. It is my duty to go on about my magickal business my own way. You may take the time to do such on your own. ~ Turning you into a non-human being. I understand if you didn't know this the first time. But if you keep messaging me that "It is real." or "I have a friend, so it is real!" then I will kindly block you. I think the mail limits apply to fluffies. Take heed of warning that if you consistently send mail like this, I will block and report you to a moderator. Remember, you are your most powerful tool. Use yourself wisely!